How to Play Crokinole - Beginner Vs Pro


See our cover on our YouTube channel, and we got lots of comments from people asking for more advanced tips and strategies to take their Crokinole game to the next level.

We also had a good number of people asking for more basic, beginner entry-level type content and tips. Today, we are going to try to do both. We are going to look at three ideas that you can use to level the playing field when you have got a beginner playing against a pro. And stick around to the end because we have got a bit of a tip/bonus challenge for you to take on. It is a bit of a nick move, but I think you will like it.

Addressing Viewer Comments:

Jeremy Tracey here of Tracey Boards. If you missed your opportunity to throw in your two cents worth of what content we are going to cover next, it is not too late. It is never too late. Go ahead and throw a comment down below. What would you like to see us cover? We have been trying some different things here in the Tracey Boards recording studio, but ultimately, we are trying to create content that you want to see. Make great videos that you are excited to share with your Crokinole friends and family.

We want to put stuff up that you really want to post everywhere so that even more people get exposed to the greatest game on earth.

So, keep it coming. Let us know what you would like to see more of. Now back to what you can do if the person that you love to play Crokinole with is a total talent mismatch. We hear all the time that people will say it is tough to get better because they are the best player that they know. If you do not believe them, just ask them, and they will tell you, “I’m the champion of my house.” Okay, I mean, I do not mean to brag, but nobody can beat me. Cool, pretty much undefeated. Oh, good for you, man. That is awesome.

I play against my son the most. It is a bit of a curb stomp, to be honest, but I mean, he tries. Oh, you play with your son? How old is he? How old is he? He is eight. Oh, he is eight. Next week, nine. Almost nine. Nine months? Months. Speaking of a nick move. What is that? Oh, no, I said, you are really on the move. Oh, cool. Thanks. Regardless, here are 3.1 ways that you can beef up your Crokinole challenge and make it more competitive and fun even in the face of a talent mismatch.

Suggestion 1: Eight Versus Seven:

Here is what you are going to do: Allow the weaker player at the table to continue to play with eight buttons, where the stronger, more talented player will play with seven. That means that the weak player gets to shoot first and last in every round. Now here in the Tracey household, that does not happen when I sit down and play against Reid or Nolan. They are very good players, but there are times when I sit down with Garrett, who just has not had the same level of experience. He just does not play at the same level of competitive Crokinole. Sorry, Garrett.

Sometimes what we will do to keep it more fun and engaging is I shoot with seven buttons, and he continues to shoot with eight. When Garrett and I play with this eight versus seven buttons, it really does make it a lot more competitive and a lot more fun for both of us. He feels like he has a chance to win some rounds, so it is more fun for him, and it is more challenging for me because I cannot afford to make a mistake. Because if I do, he is going to win the round. It makes it feel more like competitive Crokinole for me and really puts the pressure on.

Suggestion 2: Bounce Crokinole:

Here is one that our friend Claire Kipfer from the Scone Crokinole Club recently posted a video of him and his wife Kathy using what I am about to suggest. Now they did not use it to balance the playing field because they are both great players and they are very competitive with one another. But what they did was that if the board was open and you were shooting an open 20, for it to be a valid shot, you must hit a peg.

If you do not hit a peg, it is not a valid shot and it comes off. What I am suggesting is you can use this, and the idea is that the stronger player plays bounce Crokinole in their open 20s, and the weaker player can just play by the normal rules. It will make it more competitive and more fun and challenging for everyone.

This is a fantastic example of what we call host rules, making a slight adjustment or tweak to the rules to make this game even more fun for you and yours.

Suggestion 3: The Mulligan:

The Crokinole community has borrowed a lot of terminology from curling, but this one comes from the golf world: the mulligan. The do-over, they give it another try, eh? We have family friends who love Crokinole almost as much as I do, and they have quite young kids.

And whenever I walk through the door, the first thing I hear is, “Jeremy, do you want to play Crokinole?” And my response to that is, “Do birds fly? Do dogs have teeth? Is a bear? Nope, cannot say that. Do chickens lay eggs? Is it frogs? Nope, cannot say that. Is the Pope Catholic? Does a duck with a bone? Probably shouldn’t say that one either.” So, what we do there when we play, and what I am suggesting that you can do when you are playing with littles or beginners, is to allow them to have mulligans.

So, if they take a shot, if it does not hit any buttons on the board, if it does not disturb the board in any way, they are allowed to pull that back and try their shot again. And one of the great things about the mulligan rule is it is scalable. And what I mean by that is when they start, maybe they get one mulligan, one do-over with every shot they take. And then as they start to get better and stronger to put a little bit more positive pressure on them, maybe you restrict it back, and they are only allowed two mulligans around or maybe even one mulligan around.

So, they need to decide when they want to use that. But either way, it is going to make it more fun, more competitive, and more engaging for everyone around your board. There you have it. There are your three suggestions to even the playing field and make your Crokinole at home more fun and competitive for everyone.

Let us know down below in the comment section, what is your favourite host rule that you use to level the playing field and make sure that everyone is having fun playing the greatest game on earth.

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