Crokinole Skills Tip - Bump & Run Strategies


About three years ago, we did a video about the bump and run shot in crokinole, using your shooter to bump a button already in play into the centre hole for 20 points. However, with great power comes great responsibility. This video is all about knowing when to use that power in crokinole. Let us look.


My name is Jeremy Tracey of Tracey Crokinole Boards. If you enjoyed this video, please give us a like, a comment, share, and smash that subscribe button. Now, a quick recap of the beloved bump and run shot. Typically, it is a situation where there are no opponents’ buttons on the board, but you have one or more of your buttons in play. Then you use your shooter to bump one of yours already in play into the centre hole for 20 points. If you have any confusion whatsoever about whether this is a valid shot, please check out our video about Crokinole’s most confusing rule.

What We Are Covering:

What we are covering now is very advanced. If your Crokinole career consists of casual play, this may not be overly applicable. The technique and strategy discussed here are for situations where good shooting alone will not necessarily win you the match. It is when you need to combine good shooting with great strategy against the best of the best.

A game of Crokinole is being played on a table, on Tracey Crokinole boards with red buttons.

Can You Make the Shot:

The first thing you need to ask yourself is, can you make the shot? This requires practice to get comfortable with different angles for the bump and run shot. There will be situations where you are forced to make the bump and run shot, but we will focus on situations where you have a choice.

The Open 20:

If you want to go for the bump and run shot because it is fun, go for it. As we delve into advanced strategy, the goal is not to take the fun out of Crokinole. Beating a great player at Crokinole can be immensely satisfying.


Let us look at three different examples to understand the thinking and strategy at the top level.

Example 1 – No Man’s Land:

If your button is in a spot where your opponent does not have a good shot at making a 20, leaving it there might be a better option. By shooting up one of the lanes, you limit your opponent’s opportunities.

Example 2 – Between Pegs:

If your button is positioned between pegs, making a successful bump, and run severely limits your opponent’s chances. Going for the bump and run in this case is a strong recommendation.

Example 3 – Far Away:

If the button is far away, it might be less favourable to go for a bump and run. Dropping to the side for an open shot at the 20 could be a better strategy, considering the difficulty of the bump and run from a distance.


To reach bump and run mastery, consider the opportunities your opponent has before and after your shot. Choose the option that leaves them with the fewest possibilities. Happy bumping and running!

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