How to Play Crokinole Hole Survivor


Are open 20s crucial for your Crokinole success? Is sitting down and shooting hundreds of practices open 20s always highly stimulating? What if there was a way to practice your open 20s that was awesome, fun, engaging, competitive, and social? Let us explore!

Jeremy Tracey here from Tracey Crokinole Boards. You know what to do – like, comment, share, subscribe. But, in this case, instead of sharing, why not challenge someone to the game we are about to learn called Hole Survivor?

Hole Survivor Game Explanation

This pro tip comes from our friends at the Extra Pint Crokinole Club in Voorheesville, New York. Let us delve into how the game of Hole Survivor works.

Number of Players: Let us assume you have four players of even skill level sitting around the table.

Equipment: Each player gets three discs, and they will sit on the side of the table.

Objective: The goal is to be the Hole Survivor, lasting the longest in the game.


On your turn, you shoot for an open 20.
If you successfully sink the open 20, you keep the disc and put it back in your pile.
If you miss, you take the button off the board, placing it in the gutter. You lose that button.
The game continues with everyone taking turns in this manner.

Final Two Players Scenario

When it gets down to the final two players, missing a shot does not necessarily end the game.
The other player needs to sink their 20 to outlast the opponent.

Reid, Jeremy and his parents are playing a game of Crokinole on Tracey Crokinole board.

Handicap for Varied Skill Levels

If playing with a broad range of skill levels, introduce a handicap.
Stronger players start with three discs, while less experienced players start with more.
Adjust the number of starting discs to ensure fair and competitive gameplay.

Hole Survivor Tournament

The game can be played with any number of players, from 2 and up.
It is possible to have up to eight people around the table, and each player does not need a separate colour of buttons.
A tournament format, like an elimination round, can be applied for larger groups.

Long-Distance Gameplay

Hole Survivor can be played long-distance using video chat platforms like Zoom.
Set up a camera angle to see the player and the board, allowing friends and family from around the world to participate.


Is Hole Survivor the greatest game on earth? Well, perhaps the second greatest, but it is a fantastic way to practice open 20s, improve Crokinole skills, and have fun with friends and family.So, have fun playing the second greatest game on earth to enhance your skills for the greatest game on earth – Crokinole.

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