Crokinole Skills Tip - Don't Get the Off


In recent videos, we have explored advanced strategies in competitive Crokinole, discussing techniques such as the peel and hit-and-stick to control the board. Today, we delve even deeper into the next level of strategy, focusing on the benefits of not executing the takeout. While this tactic can be powerful, it comes with risks. In this guide, we will discuss how to use this strategy effectively and highlight cautionary aspects to avoid.

A game of Crokinole is being played on a table, on Tracey Crokinole boards with red buttons.

Prerequisites for Strategy Application

This strategy is suitable for intermediate or advanced players.
Apply when you are in control of the round, i.e., leading in 20s or having the hammer.
Be cautious when facing skilled opponents who can quickly turn the tide.

Executing the Light Tap

Example scenario: You are up in 20s, have the hammer, and your opponent has a button in play.
Instead of a hit-and-stick, execute a light tap on your opponent’s button.
Purpose: Force your opponent into a tougher situation, delaying their ability to bring play back to the middle.

Caution #1: Ensure Contact.

Due to Crokinole rules, valid shots require contact.
Caution against shooting too lightly and missing contact, risking a sudden shift in control to your opponent.

Caution #2: Never on Opponent’s Side.

Never execute this strategy entirely on your opponent’s side of the board.
Avoid situations where both buttons end up on their side, as it opens opportunities for them to create angles and gain control.

Caution #3: Avoid Piling Up Buttons.

Refrain from repeatedly executing the light tap if it accumulates buttons on your side.
Master the double takeout skill to recover if unintentional button accumulation occurs.

Caution #4: Assess the Game Situation

Be mindful of the overall game situation.
Avoid using the strategy if it could jeopardize your lead in the round or if the opponent has limited shots remaining.


Employing the counter-intuitive tactic of not taking out opponents’ pieces can be a powerful tool in maintaining control of the Crokinole board. However, it requires precision, awareness, and adherence to cautionary principles. Experiment with this strategy, keeping these cautions in mind, and most importantly, enjoy the intricate gameplay of Crokinole.
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