Crokinole Skills Tip - Get Your A$$ Behind Yourself


This video will guide you on getting into the best position possible to make tough shots from both ends of your shooting quadrant. We will also discuss a Crokinole rule known as the “One Cheek Rule” and introduce a new Crokinole proverb. Let us dive into it.

The One Cheek Rule:

Jeremy Tracey here from Tracey Crokinole Boards. If you find this helpful, go ahead and subscribe. Before we get into the tip and the new proverb, let us take a closer look at an NCA rule called the “One Cheek Rule.” This rule is often misinterpreted, with some claiming that both cheeks must be always glued to the chair. However, this is not the case.

In Rule 7, neither the board nor the chair of any player may be moved while the game is in progress. Rule 7 states that when a player is shooting, at least a portion of their posterior must be in contact with the seat of their chair. Players are allowed to move from side to side within the chair while shooting, and this is perfectly legal.


Some people misinterpret the rule and accuse players of cheating when they move around in the chair. However, top-level players, even in NCA championships, often move from side to side during their shots without penalty. For instance, John Conrad once got up from his chair during the World Crokinole Championships finals to get a better view, and no one called him a cheater.

NCA Matches:

When watching footage of NCA matches, it is common to see top-level players shifting in their chairs. This is within the rules, and it is essential to understand that moving within the chair is legal.


The new Crokinole proverb, “Get your ass behind yourself,” has its roots in a farm background. Growing up on a pig farm in Nova Scotia, the speaker learned the importance of positioning and maximizing range of motion. This piece of wisdom translates well into Crokinole strategy.


A group of people playing a game of Crokinole.


To follow the One Cheek Rule and maximize range of motion, consider moving your chair two to three inches toward your weak side (left for right-handed players, and vice versa). This adjustment makes it easier to keep one cheek on the chair while shooting toward the opposite side.

Practice Shots:

Always take the time to do a couple of practice shots up each line before a match begins. This ensures that your chair is well-positioned for your comfort and range of motion.


Find that sweet spot that allows a comfortable range of motion while adhering to the One Cheek Rule. Remember to “get your ass behind yourself” and have fun playing the greatest game on earth.

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