How to Flick Your Disk


Today, we are diving deep into the art of flicking your Crokinole disc. Each player’s style is unique, and what works for one may not work for another. In this session, we will explore common mistakes, a fundamental guideline for success, and two distinct flicking styles that add an element of fun to your game.

Common Mistakes: Floating Hand and Finger Placement

Floating Hand: Beginners often allow their hand to float during the shot, introducing unnecessary variables. A stable hand is crucial for consistent and accurate shots.

Finger Placement: Placing the finger on top of the disc and sliding it forward is a common mistake. Aside from potential legality issues, this technique lacks the consistency needed for improvement.

Guideline for Success:

Anchor Your Hand

To address these mistakes, anchor your hand firmly during the shot. A stationary hand reduces variables, providing better control and consistency. Whether you choose the index or middle finger is a personal preference; experimentation is key.

Finger Shooting Styles: Thumb vs. Free Finger

Thumb Shooting: Incorporate your thumb as part of the shot, applying pressure against it with your shooting finger. This technique offers control and consistency.
Free Finger Shooting: Anchor your hand and let the shooting finger move freely, excluding the thumb. Some players find this approach more comfortable for specific shots.

Hand Angle Variation

Experiment with hand angles—vertical, horizontal, or in-between—to discover your natural feel. Consistency is vital, so commit to one style to enhance accuracy and control.

Alternative Techniques: Exploring Unconventional Styles

Board Edge Technique: Some players use the edge of the board as a pressure point, providing a unique flicking experience. Experiment to see if this style aligns with your gameplay.

Spider Technique: Cross your index and ring fingers on the board to create a stable base for a free finger shot. This unconventional “spider” technique can yield successful results.

Bonus Techniques for Fun: Karum Shot and Thumb Shooting (Non-Dominant Hand)

Karum Shot: Inspired by caroms, cross your fingers for a unique flicking style. This adds a playful twist to your game.

Thumb Shooting (Non-Dominant Hand): In specific situations, try shooting with your non-dominant hand’s thumb for a challenging yet entertaining experience.

Jeremy playing a game of Crokinole on a Black Tracey Crokinole board with blue buttons.

Let us know your preferred flicking style and share any additional techniques we might have missed in the comments below. Most importantly, find a style that works for you and have fun playing the greatest game on earth!

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