Introducing Our New Series: Crokinole Skills Tips

One year from now would you like to be three times the Crokinole player that you are today? If you answered yes to that question, you are going to be very excited to learn these 52 Crokinole tips. When you apply these tips, you will become the player to beat at your club or your next family gathering Crokinole challenge. You will find yourself shooting with more confidence and understanding the strategies that are going to allow you to compete with the best players you know.


Before we get into the tips, a little backstory for you. You see, this actually comes from a place of huge frustration and disappointment on my part. Earlier this month was the annual World Crokinole Championship in Tavistock. And last year in 2018, my Crokinole partner and I, Roy Campbell, placed second in competitive doubles. And this year we went into the tournament determined to win it all. Last year in competitive singles, I placed tenth and this year I truly had my heart set on taking a serious run at becoming the World Crokinole Champion.

So how did we do? This year Roy and I placed seventh in competitive doubles. And then I went on into the afternoon and placed nineteenth in competitive singles. A long shot off of where I had hoped to be.


Now please don’t get me wrong. We had an absolutely amazing day. It was a fantastic day playing Crokinole all day. Meeting up with new friends and old friends from the Crokinole community. And I am beyond proud of how two of our sons did in the competitive Crokinole.

Roy and the Boys

World Crokinole Championships 2019 Reid, Nolan, Jeremy & Roy

Reid and Nolan actually placed second in competitive doubles, one point behind the World Champions. And they both went on to make the top sixteen in competitive singles, which is no easy feat. And my friend Roy, who I mentioned, he’s my doubles partner. He made the top sixteen and actually went on to place third in competitive singles. That is close to becoming the World Crokinole champion. It was awesome to see and experience.

So while I was very excited for them, I was also super disappointed in how I had played. So I spent a little bit of time feeling sorry for myself, kicking myself in the butt for all the bad shots I had made. And then I thought, well, this doesn’t feel very good. And what often happens when I’m in a place like that, my wife Elaine looks at me and says, ‘Well Jeremy, what are you going to do about it?’ So here we are embarking on these 52 Crokinole tips that’s gonna help me and you and anyone who applies them elevate their Crokinole game.

And at one point in the conversation, Elaine said to me, ‘You know Jeremy, when people apply these tips, they’re gonna get better too.’ And my answer to that is yes. You are absolutely right, and that’s what’s gonna make winning next year that much more satisfying.


So if you would like to drop more 20’s, win more games, and have even more fun playing Crokinole, then follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube. Because once a week for the next 52 weeks, we’ll release a new video with tips, a trick, a strategy, a drill. Something that’s going to help you elevate your Crokinole game. And with any luck at all, we will see cameo appearances from Reid, Nolan, Roy, and any number of other top-level players with wisdom to share. Make it a great day and whatever you do, have fun playing the greatest game on Earth.

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