Crokinole Skills Tip - Know Your Limits


Last week in tip number five, we talked about the concept of getting your opponent’s button knocked out of that 15 circle, all the way into the gutter, and we even had arrows to help you visualize and reverse engineer your shots in crokinole. Was that just last week? It feels so long ago.

Winning at crokinole is not always about being able to make every single shot; sometimes, it is just knowing what you are able to make happen on the board. And that is what this week’s tip is all about. This week’s tip is like last week’s tip or drill in that I want you to practice and see what you can and cannot get off the board.

But this time, once you get warmed up, I want you to intentionally make this drill more and more difficult for yourself. The idea is that this is an experiment to see how close your opponent’s button can be sitting to that peg, and you’re still able to get the off.


A game of Crokinole is being played on a table, on Tracey Crokinole boards with brown and white buttons.

Now, this is something you can naturally practice when you are playing during a game against an opponent to see what you are able to pull off and what you cannot. It is also something that you can sit at the table and do, constantly setting those discs a little bit closer, a little bit closer.

As you do this, I want you to test yourself and see which angles and positions you’re able to successfully get the off and which ones you’re not, and you’re better off to play it safe for a little bit of a bounce back and wait for a better opportunity on your next shot.

One of the things I absolutely love to do while I’m in the shop banding crokinole boards is listen to podcasts and great audiobooks. Something I was listening to the other day was an interview with a fantastic character by the name of James Laucher.

He is recently written a book called ‘Experiment: Cut the Line.’ What he does in that book is he debunks the theory of the 10,000-hour rule, which states that you need to invest 10,000 hours in something to get good, world-class proficient at it. Instead, he is replaced that with something he calls the ‘10,000 Experiment Rule.’

He looks at literally everything in his life as an experiment, and really the great side effect of this is, in an experiment, you cannot fail, you cannot be wrong, you cannot make mistakes because all you do is you try something and you get feedback.

That is exactly the attitude and energy that I would encourage you to take with this drill. You just practice this, and you are not good or bad when you make a shot; what you are doing is you are getting feedback and learning what you can do.

You can take that into your next crokinole match and be even more effective in making decisions of whether to go for the off or to play it safe.


Now that’s your assignment for the next week, to go ahead and experiment and play and get that feedback to see what you’re able to do inside that 15 circle. What we have noticed is one of the most popular tips we have done was a challenge, so that is what we are going to get back to next week, a fun challenge that is going to allow you to practice a great skill that is going to serve you in future crokinole matches. Stay tuned.


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