Crokinole Skills Tip - Look At All Your Options


If you have been following along with the last couple of tips (numbers eight and nine), you have probably noticed that the tips have been advanced. Well, the good news is that this week’s tip is going to be a little simpler.

Now, I would not go so far as to call it a beginner tip because this is something you are going to want to keep in mind no matter how good you get at the incredible game of Crokinole. This is all about checking your different options and angles and deciding which one is going to serve you best. And you also want to think about what to consider before you make your choice. Let us look.

Checking Options and Angles:

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Have you ever seen someone playing Crokinole and you watch them make a shot that is way more difficult than it needs to be? For example, if you have been practicing tips 8-9, you have probably gotten a lot better at shooting Hogan’s Alley.

That is fantastic, but the shadow side of that is that you may fall into the trap of making that tough Hogan’s Alley shot even when you do not need to. Now, do not get me wrong. If you really like a challenge and you want to go for that tougher shot be my guest and fire away.

But if you are a competitive person and you are in it to win it, then I would highly recommend that you stop to consider all your options before deciding which shot is best for you.

Hogan’s Alley Example:

So, let us say you are looking at a shot like this. You may say to yourself, “Ah, crap, I got to shoot through Hogan’s Alley,” when really all you must do is go to the side and shoot around the pegs instead of shooting through them. Or maybe there is simply an easier path for you to find your way through the pegs. What you want to ask yourself is, what is the easiest and widest path through the pegs to hit your opponent’s button?

Considering Path and Opponent’s Button:

Here is one that we see a lot. Someone will shoot their shot way too close to the pegs when all they really need to do is move over to the side where they have got a much easier path and a much higher chance of success. What we are suggesting is that you just take an extra second before you shoot to decide which option is going to be the best for you. A lot of times, that is the difference between the good Crokinole players and the great Crokinole players. It is what they can see on the board in front of them.

Opponent’s Button Path:

The same thing applies when you have an opponent’s button somewhere within that 15 circle. But I want you to consider two things in that case. The first thing I want you to consider is, what is the easiest path that is going to get your button from the shooting line in to contact the opponent’s button? But the second thing I want you to think about is, how is your opponent’s button going to travel from where it sits and head outside of the pegs and ideally all the way into the gutter?

For example, there are times when you look at a shot like this, and your easiest path from the shooting line to that opponent’s button may be through here because this is a wider opening between those pegs.

But if you look at it, the likely thing that is going to happen is you are going to drive your opponent’s button straight into the peg.

You are not going to like the results. Instead, you want to come over here where it is not as easy a path to that button, but at least when you hit it, it is going to drive it out into the gutter on the far side.

Time Consideration:

Now, please keep in mind if you attend an NCA tournament (which I highly recommend), that the matches in those tournaments are timed. So, you want to be respectful to your opponent and keep the match going. These time matches, you have got enough time to play. I am just saying that you do not have 30 to 40 seconds on every shot to have a big debate with yourself. So, I guess the take-home message is to take your time but do it quickly.

A game of Crokinole is being played on a table, on Tracey Crokinole boards with red buttons.

Canadian Crokinole Proverb:

Can we make up some Canadian or Crokinole proverbs? I mean, there are Japanese proverbs and Chinese proverbs and African proverbs. So, to me, it just seems appropriate that we have some Crokinole proverbs, right? Even when you are not playing in an official tournament with time matches, I would still encourage you to keep this in mind because one of the things people tell us repeatedly that they absolutely love about the great game of Crokinole is how fast-moving it is.

Even when you are playing doubles, it is not very long between your turns. So, make sure you keep it fast and fun. There is your tip for this week, also known as your first-ever Crokinole proverb: “Take your time, but do it quickly.” And as always, have fun playing the greatest game on earth.

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