Crokinole Skills Tip - Mark's Madness


Jeremy Tracey here, Tracey Crokinole Boards. We are coming at you with something a little different today. This comes from one of our very regular watchers and commenters on our YouTube channel, Mark, and he suggested a cool game/drill you can do. Sit down across from an opponent, and it is a new fun way to play Crokinole


The way it works is that you start with eight buttons of a colour. You will see we have got eight yellow buttons on the board, one on each quadrant line and one in the middle of each shooting lane. This is a drill that works on different strategies and gives you the opportunity to hone in on your bump and run skills.

Each player gets four block buttons, and the only way to score points is by knocking a yellow disc into the centre hole for 20 points. The challenge is that if you overshoot a bump and run, you are setting your opponent up to drop a 20. Once there are three block buttons on the board, you pull them off, and you continue playing until all the yellows are either knocked off or into the centre hole.


Now, Mackenzie and I are going to try playing this. We will probably put some music on to keep this entertaining. How about you start us off?

You are the guest, even though you are here way too often to be called a guest. But there is no shooting action to determine, so just go for it.

Did not overshoot, did not set me up. Oh, I did, though. That is not good.

One of the things that Mark pointed out when explaining this was the strategy. You have the option to go for a bump and run or take a bump and run away from your opponent. It adds an interesting element.

I do not know how spiteful you are, but that is certainly something I would do if I thought it was going to help me win.

Oh, so close. Someone will give it a name, appropriate or otherwise.

This is a battle of attrition because once there are three or more blacks on there, you pull them off.

The suspense is killing our viewers. Hogan’s Alley. What are you trying to do? Take one away from me?

You are. I do not know why. I am going to try something fancy here. I want to try to kick that one in the back end and take one away from you at the same time.

All over it. I like the way this is setting up for you.

Nice 20. Gotta goes.

Now we have got three blacks, so we pull those off. Your shot.

It is my shot.

A great setup because I do not love the line, but it does give me a shot. Oh, I did sink it. All right.

And now we have got three blacks on there, so those come off. So, we cannot plug things up, and we both have no cut.

That is true, but I could go ricochet off.

So, you are going to try to put this one into that one and then have this one end up coming in. All right, that is right.

Just not even.

So, this is the one downside right off. It is a battle of attrition right off.

All right, you started the last game, so I think as the loser, I get to start this game. Absolutely. All right, game on, round two.

Oh, you got a clean shot at it. Okay, I thought you were going to have to go through your own clean kiss.

Not so clean.

That would have been nice. You got one out of the way. So now you go.

I did not want it. We did not want it. The bump and run are tougher than it looks. Who wants 20s anyway? I do. I will take one.

So, we got three blacks on, so they come off. Just go wild.

Nice setup. Gotta goes.

Nice. The blocks come off because there is three on there now. Tough comeback.

Oh, that is the way to go. Come up light. This is the opposite of what you would want to do in regular Crokinole.


He takes advantage. If this was off, that would be game over. It is not off, but it is not… You are right.

So, I can come back, but I must be on the line. I need to be touching the line, but yeah, you can be back aways from it if you want the black one to go with it. Then you want them close together.

Even there, I think the black one is going to go with it. But yeah, what are you trying to do? Come into this bag? Yeah, yeah, I guess I really do not care what the black one does, I guess.

So given that, I am disappointed.

Winning… Oh, my…

The easy 20.

I am trying to go straight.

Straight in. All right. Can you make a 20 out of that?

So, you need to go from there and have it. What if I damage off the rail and the yellow comes back in the 20?

Damage counts.
But not like that. All right, let us try it one more time, because I feel like when we did it off-camera, the matches were better.

Really? I felt like we had… What are you doing? I do not know. I do not know. That was last week.
Oh, were we making a 20? Maybe I cannot remember. I feel like we were, like, setting… You know, let us try it. Let us just move these in so it is in line there. It is still not likely, but you could do something to get it in there. If you… If you are first, I am first, technically.

The drill is good for that. It works on your bump and run, no question. Usually, you can count on two open.

Usually, you can count on at least two open. So, it works on your… Whatever you call that. Working on your range and then… And then shooting range. And then also, um… Not setting you up.

Yeah, that is probably a good name for it. Not setting you up. I guess making sure your shooter goes where you want it.

Yeah, the other thing it is good for is its completely different strategy than regular Crokinole, but it does teach you to have situational awareness. Like, right there, you said, “Okay, you were up by a 20.” So, you were going to take away any possibility for me to think of a 20.

Yeah. And that strategy absolutely turns transitions over to regular Crokinole, where I just need to shoot off or get at least five points, and I have got the game.

Yeah. Now, the last one we played, we put these two here. I do not know. We could try something different. Move those two outside ones in there, just something to have them come more in play.


Jeremy and Mac are playing crokinole on a black Tracey Board with yellow and black buttons on camera for a video

Anyway, it is just a fun game. So, take that. There are no hard and fast rules. Please do not message and go, “Well, what about this situation?” You know? It is a host game. So, absolutely, host rules. Do what makes it fun for you and yours.

Comment below your suggestions for overtime rules. Fire away. Most importantly, happy flicking!

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