Crokinole Skills Tip - Pull the Disc Back


Crokinole Skills Tip Number Seven. This is a fantastic drill that you can use to challenge yourself, challenge a friend, and it is even something you can do with a friend over Zoom. You can challenge each other to see who can get the best score possible. Let us look. Before we jump into this week’s drill and super fun challenge, have you had a chance to experiment with last week’s drill?

Have you played with which buttons you are able to successfully knock out of the 15 and figure out when you are better off to play it safe? Maybe we should have a tip just about how aggressively someone should play, like which is better, offense or defines. We call this week’s drill ‘Pull the Button Back.’


A game of Crokinole is being played on a table, on Tracey Crokinole boards with white buttons.

Now, this is a drill that I learned from my good friend and doubles partner Roy Campbell, but please don’t tell him; it’ll probably just go to his head. Anyway, the way this works is you take a single button and you are going to set it right on the quadrant line on the far side of the board, so it is half in the 10 and half in the five.

I do not want you to get too uptight about this; I just mean you do not want it way back here or here or here. Just roughly so that it splits that T; that is your starting point. Now, you are going to take a disc of the opposite colour button, and you are going to start shooting, and the goal, the challenge is, how few shots can you use to get from there back in to score yourself a 20? I would also encourage you to do this from both sides of the board.

As you get better at Crokinole and more strategy becomes involved, disc placement and control become so important where you leave the disc. That is the great thing about this drill; it’s going to allow you to hone that skill.

Variations of the Drill

Now, from past experience when we did week number three, that drill, people had a lot of questions about the specifics of how the rules of that challenge worked. So, what we are going to do now is we are going to break this down and give you three variations of how you can challenge yourself with this same drill. We’ve got beginner, intermediate, and advanced variations.

Beginner Level:

With each shot you take, you must contact the button, but you do not have to get off. You absolutely can, but you do not have to. As you are shooting, you are just going to continue taking more and more shots until you manage to pull that button back into the 20 hole to end the drill. If you miss completely, that just counts as a shot, and you keep on going.

Intermediate Level:

With this one, with each shot you make, you must get the off. If at any point you touch the button but you do not get the off, it counts as two shots, but you continue with the drill. The exception with this, with needing to get the off, is on your last shot. You are allowed to go for what we call a ‘touch 20.’ That is when you just touch the opponent’s disc and drop in, but you do not get the off. Either way, you continue until you drop that 20 and you have won the drill.

Expert Level:

It is the same as the intermediate level with one exception. When you go for that final 20, you are not allowed to get a touch 20. You must get the off, and there is no playing the sacrifice like ‘I’ll take my one-shot penalty to get that touch 20.’ If you get a touch 20 on that final shot, it counts as two strokes, and you must pull your button out and continue the drill until you finish it expertly.

Well, there you go, a fantastic drill to help you sharpen your skills with the greatest game on Earth. Go ahead and challenge yourself, challenge a friend over Zoom or some form of video chat. Go ahead and challenge me.

Seriously, somebody please challenge me; I miss competitive Crokinole so much. Happy flicking! Go ahead, drop a comment down below and let us know what is the best score you can manage to pull off.

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