Crokinole Skills Tip - Squeeze the Rick O'Shea


Jeremy Tracey here, Tracey Crokinole Boards. Today, we are diving into advanced Crokinole skills tips. Some argue that these advanced skills may take away from the fun, laughter, and friendly banter that often follows a disastrous shot. However, in this video, we will explore a move that not only leads to satisfying 20s but also sets up hilarious and challenging shots, ensuring the fun remains an integral part of the game.

Setting the Stage

Last week, we covered the “Ricochet 20.” Building upon that, we will discuss a situation where your opponent’s disc is positioned just outside the 15-circle, possibly touching the 15-line and a peg. This scenario creates an opportunity for a tight ricochet 20 that can result in some remarkable plays.

The Challenge

Your challenge is to experiment in practice, gradually moving the opponent’s button closer to the peg. Start with it almost touching the peg and just barely touching the 15-line. Try to execute the tight ricochet 20 successfully. As you become comfortable, move the opponent’s button closer and observe how close to the peg you can effectively perform the shot. Embrace the potential for disastrous failure, as it adds an element of humour to the game.

Practice Tips

To practice comfortably, initially use one of the front four pegs. This avoids the awkwardness of sitting off to the side for extended periods. As you progress, attempt the right ricochet 20 against the posts that are further away, challenging the notion of a 135-degree angle. Surprisingly, physics seems to allow for successful shots, even when it appears counterintuitive.

The Physics Behind It

While the exact physics might elude explanation, the phenomenon involves the shooter jamming up against the peg, altering the 135-degree angle and guiding the disc toward the centre hole. This unexpected success adds an exciting dimension to the game.

Jeremy is playing a game of Crokinole on a Tracey Crokinole board.

Benefits of Trying This Move

Beyond personal improvement, introducing this move to your gameplay can lead to shared laughter and camaraderie. Even if you are not one to readily share Crokinole tips, seeing others attempt this move will inevitably create moments of joy—whether through impressive shots or comical mishaps.


Incorporating the right ricochet 20 into your repertoire not only enhances your skills but also ensures that Crokinole remains the entertaining and enjoyable game it is known to be. So, try it out, push your limits, and relish the laughter, fun, and occasional cursing that makes Crokinole the greatest game on earth.

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