Crokinole Skills Tip - Rick O'Shea


It is time to explore one of my absolute favourites in Crokinole skills – the Irishman Rick O’Shea. Named after the play on words with “ricochet,” this shot is both clever and challenging, making it a mom joke for the boys. Let us dive into the techniques to perfect the Ricochet 20.

Crokinole Skills Tip Video:

Jeremy Tracey, from Tracey Boards, with yet another Crokinole skills tip video! If you’d like to see these all in one place, we’ve put them on a single page of our website. We will pop a link to that down below. Maybe you can sit around on a Saturday night and binge-watch or Crokinole skill and chill. Or I don’t know, maybe Crokinole Flicks and chill. 

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Understanding the Shot:

Some call it a Ricochet 20, others an Angle-in-20, but everyone agrees – it is a boatload of fun. The key to this shot is achieving a satisfying 135-degree angle between your shooter, the opponent’s button, and the centre hole. Adjusting the weight of your shot is crucial, especially when the opponent’s button is far out in the five.

Jeremy is playing a game of Crokinole on a Tracey Crokinole board.

Practice Method 1: Using a Marker Disc

1. Place an extra button as a marker on the board, away from the playing area.
2. Set the opponent’s button consistently using the marker as a reference.
3. Adjust your shooter’s position and weight to find the right angle for the Ricochet 20.

Practice Method 2: Using the 5-10 Line

1. Utilize the 5-10 line as a guide for positioning the opponent’s button.
2. Maintain a consistent distance between the quadrant line and the button.
3. Adjust your shooter’s position and weight for optimal results.

Perfecting the Shot:

Once you have a handle on the consistent opponent’s button position, practice from various distances and angles. Work on shooting up both sides and the middle set of pegs to become adept at creating the 135-degree angle consistently.


Mastering the Ricochet 20 takes practice and precision. Remove unnecessary variables during practice, get comfortable with your positioning and angle adjustments, and soon you will be draining those satisfying Ricochet 20 shots.

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