Crokinole Skills Tip - The Assist


Crokinole tips have primarily focused on singles play, but today we venture into the dynamic world of doubles Crokinole. In this guide, we will explore a strategic shot called the “assist.” Learn how to execute it, when to use it, and be wary of potential pitfalls. This strategy, widely employed in competitive play, can also add an element of chaos and fun to beginner-level Crokinole. Let us dive in!

The Assist – A Counter-Intuitive Play:

Doubles Crokinole involves playing in teams, with partners across from each other and opponents on either side. Introducing the “assist” – a shot that defies conventional wisdom, aiming to set up your partner for success.

Executing the Assist Shot:

Instead of knocking off an opponent’s disc on your side, use it strategically. Bump the opponent’s button toward the centre, setting up a favourable position for your partner’s turn. Like the bump and run, but now you are assisting your partner.

Situational Awareness:

Apply the assist when your team is down in 20s or to inject fun into beginner-level Crokinole.
Assess the situation on the board before attempting the assist. Consider the skill level of your opponents and your partner’s ability to capitalize on the setup.

A game of Crokinole is being played on a table, on Tracey Crokinole boards with red and brown buttons.

Caution #1: Knocking into the Centre:

The primary risk is accidentally knocking your opponent’s button into the centre hole. Be precise in executing the shot to avoid unintentionally benefiting your opponents.

Caution #2: Setting Up Opponents for 20s:

Be mindful of the opportunities you might inadvertently create for your opponents. Ensure you are not leaving your partner’s setup open for an opponent to score a 20.

Strategic Disruption:

If your opponent’s successfully set up an assist, strategize to disrupt their ideal scenario. Consider taking shots that prevent your opponents from capitalizing on the assist or even intentionally invalidating their setup.

Perfect Assist Scenario:

Aim for a perfect assist where you set up your partner effectively without giving opponents chances to counter. Balance the risk and reward to maximize the benefits of the assist strategy.

Conclusion – Enjoying the Chaos:

The assist adds an exciting layer to doubles Crokinole, introducing unpredictability and creativity. Embrace the chaos, enjoy the challenge, and strive to master the assist for a rewarding Crokinole experience.

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Jeremy is playing a game of Crokinole on Tracey Crokinole board on a table.

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