Crokinole Skills Tip - The Double Takeout


Last week we popped up a couple of highlight real shots made by these two Crokinole Hoodlums. In the first one you see Reid go for an incredibly gutsy shot that even left the Crokinole Centre commentator Nathan Walsh saying, He’s going for the double takeout.

Nice shot. Not too many players but try that. Then we posted a clip of Nolan making an awesome round changing double takeout follow through 20. Now the foundation of both incredible shots is the double takeout and this week’s drill is going to help you improve that foundation.

Let us look.

The Double Takeout Drill

Jeremy Tracey here of Tracey Boards. If you find this video fun and helpful, please give us a like, a comment, a share. Go ahead and flick that subscribe button like you are going for a double or a triple or a quadruple takeout.

Yeah, flick it like that. Now this drill we are going to call this the eight-point star. That is not a star. I know it is not a star and I know it is not pointy because the buttons are rampage. Can we just go with it?

So, for the eight-point star I want you to set your buttons up like this. We have got eight buttons all the way around and I do not want you to get too fussy about the positioning. Basically, with each one I want it to be half in the 10 and half in the 5.

We have got one on each one of the quadrant lines and we have got one basically in the middle of each quadrant. Again, do not get out your digital calliper. Just roughly set it up like this and you are good to go.

And just like in the other drills like this that we have done you start with eight buttons on the board and you have eight shooters. Once you have shot all eight of your discs your round is done, your turn is done and you are going to tally up the points that are on the board.

And if there are any of your opponent’s buttons left, do not get out your digital calliper. those get subtracted from your score, giving you a final tally. Now that you have that, you can compete against yourself or challenge a friend.

Do this however you would like. And yes, you could technically just set two buttons on the board and go for double takeout, but I think you will find with this challenge, it makes it a little more real, a little more fun, a little more dynamic, and will keep it more engaging for you.

Because the way this is set up, if you were able to knock all eight of these buttons off the board and you still got shooters left, you can shoot for the middle to pad your score even more. That means that this drill has a built -in incentive for you to successfully accomplish these double takeouts.

And there is also a built -in incentive for you to keep your shooter on with each of these shots that you make. 10, 20, 30, 40, 55, 60. 995. And just like in real Crokinole, every time you play this drill, things are going to set up a little bit differently and give you opportunities to try different angles.

So, some of these shots are going to be a little bit easier as far as the double takeout goes. Take this for example, if you are shooting here, what you are going to want to do is make sure that your shooter strikes the first opponent’s disc nice and square so that it is going to hit and stick, your shooter stays put.

And ideally, that opponent’s button is going to hit the second opponent button off centre so that they will then split and both go into the gutter, leaving your shooter on. In some shots, you are not going to be able to do that.

Let us take for example, if these two are the buttons that you want to go after, it is impossible for you to shoot in such a way that your shooter will stay on and see this button carry on to do your double takeout.

A game of Crokinole is being played on a table, on Tracey Crokinole boards with red buttons.

It is just not going to happen. So, in this case, what you need to learn to do is have your shooter be the one that ricochets off that first button. That one goes there and then your shooter goes over to accomplish that second takeout again, keeping your shooter on.

Some shots are going to be super tough and require you to pull out your inner read and go for one of those shots. Not too many players would have tried that. That is something that most players would not even try.

Something where you end up driving the opponent’s button all the way through the house to try to accomplish that double takeout on the far side of the board. Yes, it is super tough and some of these shots are just going to go disastrously for you.

But this is just a fun challenge. You are going to make some disastrous shots. You are going to catch some pegs, but why not go for it and see what happens. Test out the dynamics, the physics, the angles of all these shots and see what you can make happen on the board.

Just have fun with this challenge. Set up your eight-point star and practice some of these dynamic, flashy, fun, double takeouts. And when you master this skill, maybe one day I will be referring to you as a Crokinole rule book. Happy flicking and have fun with the greatest game on earth.

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