Crokinole Skills Tip - The Drop Back 20


If you are tuning into this video, you already know that Crokinole is fun. And you probably know that what is funnier is making great, amazing crokinole shots. What is funniest is making great, amazing crokinole twenties.

And what is funniest is when you can make those great amazing crokinole 20s, regardless of the molecular physics, the thermal dynamics, or the relativistic mechanics of it all. Clearly, at this point, you know that we are talking about the drop back 20. Let us look.

The Drop Back 20:

My name is Jeremy Tracey, and along with my sons Reid and Nolan, we handcraft the world-famous Tracey Board. If you find this video helpful and entertainable, please go ahead, give us a like, a comment, and share. Flick that subscribe button like you are going for a triple takeout.

It all helps to spread the word about the world’s funniest game. Often times when you are playing crokinole, you will find the situation where you have got an opponent’s button somewhere within the 15 circles but it is on the far side of that centre hole. And a lot of players, most players, will look at that and say, “Ah, there’s no 20 there.” But you are not most players, are you? Not after this video, you are not.

Recap of Previous Challenge:

If you have been following along with these tips, then you will remember the challenge that we had that was called “pull the button back.” What we did was we started with the button way out here on the five lines, and the challenge was to make your shooter end up closer to you than the button that you hit was when you started.

Each time pulling it back. What we are going to do with this tip and this challenge is you are going to transfer that skill set into the centre. And all you want to do is hit that button and have your shooter come back towards you but end up in the centre for the awesome amazing funniest fallback 20. Why does it fall back?

You know, I am pretty edumacated at English, but I am even goader at physics. You have no idea, do you? Not really, I just know it is possible. You do not need to understand the physics, dynamics, or mechanics of this either.

But in this tip, I encourage you to challenge yourself to see just how far away that can be while you still are able to pull off that drop back 20. And I can already hear the comments, “Oh yeah, Jeremy, but you could set your opponent up.” Yes, you could and it is up to you to decide whether you want to go for crokinole glory or if you want to play like an absolute chicken.

Just kidding, sort of. Seriously though, this tip is not about whether you should go for this shot or not. It is about you testing yourself to see how far away that can be. What is your range that you are still able to pull off that drop back 20?


Tips to Increase Range:

Here are two tips that are going to help you increase your range, increase how far away that can be, and you still pull off that funnier shot.

Tip 1: Keep Your Board Fast:

Tip number one, keep your board fast. And we are going to put a link in the description box down below to our video about how to wax your board and what product to use.

Tip 2: Use Playing Wax Liberally:

Tip number two, I want you to use the playing wax liberally, bountifully, magnanimously. Just use a lot of it. The more wax you are going to have on there, the more chance you are going to have of that button sliding back, falling back into the centre hole. So, there is your assignment. Sit down at the board and experiment, placing the opponent’s button a little bit further away from the hole and at different angles to see what it is that you can pull off in terms of the fun, funnier, and funniest shot that we refer to as the drop back 20.


Jeremy Tracey is playing a game of Crokinole On Tracey Crokinole board on a table.

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