Crokinole Skills Tip - The Hit & Stick! How & Why?


In the game of Crokinole, mastering the art of hitting and sticking your opponent’s button can be both challenging and rewarding. Whether it is skilfully angling off their disc into the centre hole, executing a precise hit and stick, or achieving a double takeout, these manoeuvres require strategy and finesse. In this guide, we will explore three essential pointers to enhance your hit and stick skills. I am Jeremy Tracey from Tracey Boards, and if you find this video helpful, please consider subscribing, liking, commenting, and sharing.


Efficiency is Key: When executing the hit and stick, it is crucial to be efficient. While you do not want to tap the button too softly, avoid blasting it. Finding the right balance, like Goldilocks, ensures better control and accuracy.

Aim for Dead Centre: Precision matters in hitting and sticking. Focus on the dead centre of your opponent’s button when lining up your shot. This targeted approach increases the likelihood of leaving your disc exactly where your opponents was.

Manage Wax Usage: While playing with wax adds excitement to the game, there are times, like during hit and stick shots, when it can hinder your performance. Wipe your disc on your pants to remove any wax, and clear your shooting area to prevent excessive wax transfer to the board.

A game of Crokinole is being played on a table, on Tracey Crokinole boards with red buttons.


To summarize, the three hit and stick pointers are efficiency, dead-centre aiming, and wax management. Applying these tips will enhance your success rate in executing hit and stick shots. Now, let us delve into strategic situations where the hit and stick can be a game-changer.

Situation 1: Final Shot for the Win

When you are at the end of a round, needing a simple takeout to secure victory, opt for the hit and stick. Ensure your opponent’s button is removed while keeping yours on the board. If their disc is near the outer boundary, consider aiming slightly inside to avoid losing your shooter.

Situation 2: Controlling the Board

In scenarios where you aim to control the board and potentially force your opponent to peel, use the hit and stick. By keeping play on the outside, you restrict your opponent’s options and make them work harder for a favourable outcome.

Situation 3: Drawing Errors from Opponents

When your opponent’s button is on your side of the board or deep on their side, use the hit and stick to create a challenging situation for them. Leaving your disc strategically can force errors and limit their viable shots.

Situation 4: Within the 15 Circles

If your opponent’s disc is within the 15 circles, executing a hit and stick can limit their options. Leaving them with challenging shots, such as a pin 20 or a bounce-back 20, puts you in control of the round.

Situation 5: Blocking Angle-In Shots

When your opponent’s button is on their side, aim to prevent them from syncing an angle-in shot. By strategically placing your disc to obstruct their angle, you force them into a difficult position, increasing your chances of maintaining control.


Mastering the hit and stick is a valuable skill in Crokinole, providing strategic advantages in various game situations. By incorporating the three pointers and understanding when to apply this technique, you can elevate your gameplay and outmanoeuvre your opponents. Always prioritise having fun, and enjoy playing the greatest game on earth. Thanks for watching, and until next time, bye!

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