The Near Side


Jeremy Tracey here of Tracy Crokinole Boards, coming back at you with another drill/challenge that you can do to work on your incredible Crokinole skills.


The last one we did was called “The Far Side” because we took the buttons and placed them on the far side of the pegs. Now, I know what you may be thinking: “Come on, Jeremy, your names are a little bit lame.” And I have to say, you are right because this drill, although like the last one, is different.

We are going to call this one “The Near Side” because you are probably catching on here. You are going to take the buttons, the eight opponent’s buttons, and set them on the near side of the pegs to yourself. If you have suggestions on how we can better name these drills, please put that in the comments below.

Also, if you are sitting here going, “What are you talking about, past challenges?” We will put links below to those past drills that we have done. We have done “The Inside Out,” we have done “The Eight-Point Star,” and then, as I mentioned, “The Far Side.”

So, this one, as always, the objective is to knock the opponent’s buttons off and give yourself the highest score possible. Just like I said with the last one, with “The Far Side,” it gets a little chaotic because everything is different. This one is the same that way, but it is different in how it is going to cause you problems.

As you look at this, you will see that you have got two buttons jammed up tight against those pegs. They are going to be very difficult to get out, and you can look at that as a challenge or as an opportunity. If you will remember, we have done a drill called “The Rebound,” the “Bounce Back,” so maybe there will be an opportunity for you to work on that skill.

Again, you take your eight buttons, you shoot them, trying to knock the yellows off and put yourself into the 20s, the highest point, and see how well you can do. You can challenge friends, challenge yourself, do this multiple times, and try to build on that score and see if you can keep getting better at it. This is something that will tide you over until the next time you are able to sit across from a person and whoop their butt directly.

Jeremy is playing crokinole on a black Tracey Board with yellow buttons on camera for a video


So, I am going to have a go at this, probably do it once as I am talking you through it and explaining my thinking, and then I will do it again where it is just me focused on the drill, and we will see how the scores go.

As always, you can do this in any order that you want. So, I am going to start with these ones on the near side and see if I can get myself a nice old ricochet 20. Come up a little short, but that is okay.

Oh, that jammed on me a little. I am not sure if I have taken the best strategy here. May take a few practices at this to decide the best order of operations. There is a 20 that will count at the end. That was touching the line, so it goes off. Just like in regular Crokinole, you are allowed to go through your own, but if you touch your own and you do not hit an opponent’s, you are going to lose everything you have touched. So, this gets tricky.

I could go through my own here, but that is such a tight squeeze. I think instead I am going to go this way. I am going to try to catch that one out there and just hope and pray that I do not put the yellow into the centre. But we will see what happens. The great thing about this, it is not a match. It is just for fun, so you can just go ahead, be wild. It really does not matter what happens because it is just a numerical score at the end.

See, that was not what I wanted. I must watch that back to see exactly what happened.

And now is an opportunity to go for a 20, but I lost my shooter. So, I have 20, 30, 45, 60. So, record that, Mackenzie, 60 points for Jeremy.

Wish me luck. Wish me fun.

Oh, that is what I am talking about. Do you see that? The ricochet combined with the bump and run.
That was fortunate.
And now, we should get both Lydia and Mackenzie to take a run at this so you can just see maybe some different strategies that people take.

Mack drilling:

That comes down, that is going to go down. What were you shooting? You are shooting black. You cannot remember either? No. Okay, that makes more sense. So then that is going to go there. So, you have 35 points.

Nicely done. Very good. There it is. It is a fun drill. Like I say, complete chaos. You are never sure what is going to happen. There are sometimes you are going to get a freakishly high score. Sometimes it is going to be disastrous. But the point is, it is going to set up fun variations, and it just allows you to grab a better understanding of what happens with the physics of Crokinole buttons bouncing off rubber. We would love to hear how this goes for you and love to hear about you challenging friends and family, near and far, on the near side and on the far side to this great drill.

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