Crokinole Skills Tip - The Peel


Have you ever watched the professional Crokinole on the Crokinole Centre YouTube channel? If not, do yourself a favour and check it out. If you have, I would like to apologise in advance for the hours that are likely to disappear as you tumble down the Crokinole rabbit hole.

Understanding the Peel

When watching a professional Crokinole, you might wonder why a player intentionally knocks their own disc off the board. Isn’t the idea to keep yours on and knock the opponent’s off? These are great questions, and what you are talking about is called the “peel.” In this video, we will explore why players use the peel, when you should make the peel, and introduce a more advanced strategy.


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The Peel in Professional Crokinole:

When watching the pros play, you will see them utilise the peel. Sometimes it is a single peel, and sometimes it is a double peel. Understanding when to use the peel adds depth to your Crokinole strategy.

The Objective of Crokinole:

The basic idea of Crokinole is to knock your opponent’s buttons off the board or, at least, into lower scoring ranges while getting yours into the higher scoring ranges, ideally into the 20 holes. However, at higher skill levels, there are nuances within the strategy.

Situations Requiring the Peel:

Situation 1: Opponent Leading in 20s
When your opponent has more 20s than you and play is outside the middle, consider the peel. Ask yourself if winning on the board is possible or if you can work play back towards yourself to get an angle in the 20.

Situation 2: Even 20s with Opponent Having the Hammer
If you and your opponent have an even 20 counts, and your opponent has the last shot (hammer), evaluate if you can win on the board. If not, consider peeling to force play back to the middle.

Situation 3: Winning the 20s Race but Facing Difficult Shots
When you are winning the 20s race but facing skilled opponents who hide buttons strategically, ask yourself how confident you are at making tough shots. If unsure, peeling might be the better option.

Bonus Tip: Advanced Strategy:

In certain situations where you have the last shot, instead of hitting and sticking, consider peeling. This increases the chances of your opponent making an error with an open board. Counteract this strategy by positioning your shot to reduce the risk of overshooting.

Players are playing a game of crokinole on a Tracey Crokinole board.


The decision to peel or not is yours. Have fun peeling in the greatest game on earth!
I hope this meets your requirements! If you have any further requests or modifications, feel free to let me know.


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