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5 Hole Crokinole Board

5 Hole Crokinole Board

$425.00 CAD

Looking for a super fun variation to the greatest game on earth? Look no further than this 5-hole crokinole board. What are the extra holes for? They count as negative 10 points so if you are a super competitive (spiteful, vicious, ruthless) player then rather than knock your opponent’s piece off the board into the gutter where it is simply worth zero points you knock their piece into the negative 10 holes.

Just like the center hole, the piece is removed and set aside to be counted at the end of the round. You will be amazed at how much chaos (and trash talk) this leads to around the crokinole board.

✔ 30” Hand-Crafted Tracey Tour Crokinole Board
✔ 26 Crokinole Buttons (Pick from several colours)
✔ Drawstring Disc Pouch
✔ 50g of Playing Wax + Shaker


If you already own a Tracey Board or you have read the reviews online then you know that we are extremely particular about the quality of our Canadian Crokinole boards. Especially when it comes to the playing surface. In an effort to keep the cost down on this ‘for fun’ board by offsetting the extra labour that goes into these special 5-hole boards we are using tops that have very slight imperfections.  Perhaps a line scuff or something that means it just barely missed the standards for our tournament boards. It will still play amazing, that we are committed to. This paragraph is an attempt to manage the expectations. You WILL have a blast, and your board WILL play amazingly, fast, and slick – but if you take out your magnifying glass or when the sunlight hits it a certain way there may be a flaw. Just know that the extra bit of character you see on your board is the reason why it was selected to be a 5-hole board. With these 5-hole boards, even more so than our Tournament boards, the primary objective is FUN!!!!

Additional information

Add a carrying bag and two 20 holders.

We will install the plate on the board for you prior to shipping.

Introducing the Tracey 5 Hole Crokinole Board, featuring a CNC-milled Canadian Maple veneer top that's been professionally sanded and lacquered for a smoother and more consistent playing surface. This board is built to last for generations, with solid brass pegs featuring rubber sleeves for increased energy and excitement during bounce-backs and ricochet shots.

Our Tracey 5 Hole Board features crisp and clean playing lines that are silk-screened onto the surface. Rubber feet on the underside keep the board stable during play and protect any surface it's used on.

Solid and durable, your Tracey 5 Hole Crokinole Board is built to last for generations to come.

FAQ: What are the differences between all of your boards?
The only difference with these 5-hole crokinole boards is that our standards are just a bit looser for the playing area. These boards are fast and slick and fun just like every Tracey Board. The difference is that when a top has some sort of character flaw that doesn’t impact play, it is chosen to become a special 5-hole board.

Board Dimensions

Made to meet NCA (National Crokinole Association) tournament board standards:

  • 30” wide (26’’ playing surface + 2” gutter)
  • 1 ¾” high circular frame

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