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Traditional Crokinole Board

Traditional Crokinole Board

$375.00 CAD

Play the same Crokinole board trusted by the best players in the world. Incredibly smooth and consistent, the Tracey Tour Board is handcrafted to meet the specifications of the NCA (National Crokinole Association).

✔ 30” Hand-Crafted Tracey Tour Board
✔ 26 Crokinole Buttons (Pick from several colours)
✔ Drawstring Disc Pouch
✔ 50g of Playing Wax + Shaker
✔ Playing Instructions/Rule Book

Additional information

Add a carrying bag and two 20 holders.

We will install the plate on the board for you prior to shipping.

Looking for a traditional crokinole board that's built to last? Look no further than this Canadian Maple Crokinole Board. With its CNC-milled Canadian Maple veneer top that's been professionally sanded and lacquered multiple times, this board provides a smoother and more consistent playing surface. Solid brass pegs with rubber sleeves give bounce-backs and ricochet shots more energy and excitement, while crisp and clean playing lines are silk-screened onto the surface.

Rubber feet on the underside keep the board stable during play and protect any surface it's used on. Built solid and durable, this board is made to last for generations to come.

As a Canadian company specializing in hand-crafted crokinole boards, we take pride in providing the best crokinole boards and accessories to players around the world.

FAQ: What are the differences between all of your boards?
All of our boards are made the same way with the same materials and dimensions. The only difference between our boards is the appearance (gutter and center hole colours, etc.)

Board Dimensions

Made to meet NCA (National Crokinole Association) tournament board standards:

  • 30” wide (26’’ playing surface + 2” gutter)
  • 1 ¾” high circular frame

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