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Crokinole Scorekeeper

Crokinole Scorekeeper

$45.00 CAD

No longer do you need to keep track of each round on paper or make sure you don't lose those pesky pins from other trackers. We've revolutionized scoring with a new scorekeeper that uses the bonus 13th disc allowing players to easily view who is in the lead.

Handcrafted hardwood in an easy-to-use 8 x 8 size.  Inlays are 1/8" so your discs don't get bumped from their place. Scoring goes from left to right from 0 to 100.  On the tournament side, scoring goes counterclockwise from 0 to 10. Keepers are finished and offer a clean-cut look.

Price Includes:
✔One double sided scorekeeper. Traditional scoring on one side and tournament scoring on the opposite side.

Additional information

Weight 0.39 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 1 in

To use the crokinole scorekeeper, simply use your 13th disc; no more tiny pegs to lose!
Each player starts at zero and moves their disc as they accumulate points. If you are tied, simply stack the player's pieces on each other.
If using the tournament side, you receive two points for winning, one point for tying, and zero points for losing the round.

Learn more about the great game of Crokinole HERE!

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