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Cute cats sits beside Tracey crokinole board and swipes his paw at crokinole buttons

My board gaming partner and I are used to playing games that take hours to learn and often a lot of time to set up and and put away. I decided to buy a Crokinole board, having never actually played the game, to act as a ‘filler’ game, since there’s almost no set up time and the rules take only minutes to learn.

When I was doing the research to decide who to buy from, the Tracey name came up again and again. I bought the 5-hole board and we sat down to play thinking we’d play for a half hour or so and then move on to the ‘real’ game for the day, and we were still playing Crokinole 7 hours later. Despite the rules being easy to learn, there’s so much strategy to this, we’re absolutely hooked.

Getting a Tracey board was a really good decision. The board is flawless and it played beautifully right out of the box. I bought it with the wall mount installed and I’m glad I did: it looks so nice I’m going to hang it in my living room.

I also can’t say enough about the customer service. Jeremy responded almost immediately to questions and concerns and was very pleasant to deal with. I can say with confidence that I will be buying another board from them before too long.

Jennifer Shoup

Green and red buttons on a maple crokinole board

Purchased a Tracey tournament board after seeing crokinole on Facebook. Let me tell you this is a great, fun, addicting game! Very easy to learn for all ages. I have already spent many hours playing and only wish I’d been introduced to this game years ago! Get ahold of Jeremy Tracey and get yourself one of his boards.

I’m new to the game so I’ve nothing to compare it to, but I can guarantee you’ll not find a better board or person to deal with while getting it! The buttons glide like they’re on ice, and the craftsmanship is second to none! Trust me – get yourself a board and start enjoying (as Jeremy would say) “The Greatest Game on Earth”!

Bill Peters

Looks and plays great. Plus shipping to New England was super quick which was a happy surprise. I strongly believe I made the right choice purchasing one of these high-quality boards vs a cheaper entry-level option.

Michael Mcmillen

A set of 20 holders on a red Tracey Board

Wow! Ordered and quickly received a beautiful Red Tournament board. This was a surprise for my girlfriend who played on a family board when she was little. That board however is long gone.

I am the rookie player and have never played before. We’ve now played quite a bit and she’s glad to be playing again. We’re going to bring this to her daughters house and get them hooked as well. Glad we also bought the travel bag. We are very happy!

James Thomann

OMGosh, our family loves Crokinole and our beautiful board from Tracey Boards. Our board arrived on time and was meticulously packaged. We all love to play, and it’s the perfect family game after dinner, on weekends, or when we need a break. Thank you to my friend Vince who introduce me to Crokinole and Jeremy Tracey! You’ll see my stepson at a tournament one day. 😉

Nancy Henson

A family playing crokinole on a Tracey Board with their new button trays

I cannot speak more highly of the quality of my new Tracey Tournament Crokinole board, as well as of the game of Crokinole itself!

Our extended family of six adults gets together almost weekly to play board games. I had debated for some time whether to complement our standard board game ‘play list’ with such a highly regarded dexterity game. But I couldn’t be happier with the decision – both to take the Crokinole plunge and to acquire such a high quality tournament-grade board like the Tracey.

It is a work of art, a pleasure not only to play on but to look at. Set on our gaming table, the polished maple playing surface  makes it look like a piece of furniture, and it’s clear we’re already regarding it as a family heirloom. As for the game of

Crokinole itself, the fact that my son and daughter and their respective spouses have actually called my wife and I a number of times since we purchased the board several weeks ago specifically to ask to have a Crokinole night (and not a ‘board game night’) should be all the testament one needs!

Steve Marano

Simply the highest quality. I was impressed from the moment the box arrived. The board and accessories were safely and securely packed. It was easy to unpack, and everything had its place within the shipping box. The board itself has all the hallmarks of a custom product.

The quality craftsmanship brings pride in ownership. I have enjoyed playing with the board and it met my high standards. It’s heavy in a good way and the smooth playing surface reacts the way you would expect. When I purchased a Tracey Board I expected a premium product, which this delivered. If you’re on the fence, go ahead and buy it, as this is the board you’re looking for.

Adam Milligan

Red Tracey board with a smiley face made of crokinole buttons

My son bought a Tracey board and I was so impressed with the quality that, when I bought one, I made sure to order from the same company. Shipping was super-fast (less than 1 week) and it came very well packaged. Have been playing it ever since and friends have commented on the quality and craftsmanship that went into the board. Would recommend Tracey Boards wholeheartedly!

Michael McFarland

I did a lot of research on the game of Crokinole and playing boards. Once I committed to ordering a crokinole board, I knew it had to be a Tracey Board!

The anticipation for the board to arrive was killing me. When it arrived at the house, I was so excited to start playing.
No disappointments, simply put, a beautiful piece of handcrafted woodworking art.

We are new to Crokinole and in my opinion, the Tracey Board site and Jeremy’s YouTube information is the best resource out there bar none. I look forward to many hours of enjoyment with family and friends for years to come. We have now started Sunday night dinner and Crokinole with our 2 boys and friends.

P.S. I appreciate you’re hands-on and your passion for your family business. Thanks

John Carreiro, Victoria BC

A letter to Mr. Jeremy Tracey reviewing the Tracey crokinole board

Crokinole has been a favorite game of mine for some time, and my new Tracey Board takes that to a whole new level. The Iowa City Crokinole Group now has a board for our championship matches!

Linder Wendt

Fully packaged Tracey crokinole board arriving safely after taking a number of hard hits during shipping

Hi. My name is Will and I’m a recent Crokinolic. After much research into this game and the accompanying lifestyle, I ordered a Tracey board.

The board and the family have exceeded all expectations.

Not only is my board stunningly beautiful (see pic), not only did it ship in a timely fashion, and not only did the Traceys excel at communicating throughout the process, BUT the packaging was so well-designed that it survived some kind of massive gorilla attack en route to California (see inset)! Not a scratch! Great work all around.

Thank you, Traceys! It is a ton of fun and looks beautiful. When I get addicted to gliss, I’ll hit up up again soon!

William Coleman

Two crokinole players at a 5-hole Tracey board

We are having such a blast with the 5-Hole Crokinole board! It puts such a spin on the game. Great idea. We had both boards in operation yesterday. Thanks for the high-quality boards.

Diane Adams

I would like to thank the folks at Tracey Boards for a great experience! From my 1st email to Jeremy, to the day I received my board I could not be more happy with the customer service or the beautifully hand crafted board!

After doing hours and hours of research one name and one board stood out, Jeremy Tracey and Tracey Boards. Anyone who is as passionate as Jeremy is with his video tutorials, his high level of competitive play and the promotion of the sport is no doubt going to build the best board out there. I am so glad I went with a Tracey Board!

Kenneth Sonnenfeld

Father and daughter playing crokinole on a cherry leaf Tracey crokinole board

I bought the Cherry Leaf board and absolutely LOVE IT! The quality is outstanding!! It’s hands down WAY better than the first board I bought.

Wish I’d have just bought one of the Tracey Boards to begin with. Shipping was way fast. I ordered this board on a Monday and by that Wednesday it was at my door step! Would most definitely recommend buying a Tracey Board and in fact, I already have to my friends! 🙂

Mark Harper

Red Tracey crokinole carry bag with red and green buttons

Have Board — Will Travel! This summer, I took the leap and purchased a Crokinole board — just the board, no carrying bag — and it was an instant hit with my family and visitors. I had to share it! I wrapped it in a blanket and took it in my car to my brother’s, hilariously unwrapping it and having a grand time. But from that moment, I knew I needed a carrying bag, so I ordered from TraceyBoards.com. [It was a fantastic ordering experience, and I threw in a Medium T-Shirt for good measure.

The bag arrived quickly, but the shirt was a Youth Medium. I sheepishly emailed Tracey Boards, wondering if I’d made a mistake, and they were incredibly gracious and quick, sending me a new Medium T-Shirt immediately and hoping the Youth Medium would go to a worthy candidate. It was big for my 5-year-old (who adores Crokinole and has a deadly takeout shot), but he LOVED it. My Medium arrived the day before our big family reunion!]

The carrying bag is beautiful (I got the bold red color) and perfect for packing, so the board went with us to a week long family reunion and then another week when I worked at a summer camp later that month. The board was a HUGE success and the carrying bag made it incredibly easy for me to confidently carry it everywhere without fear of damage. I think I may have taught the game to more than 100 people over those two weeks, all thanks to the carrying bag. [And of course my son and I were able to school them together wearing our matching Tracey Boards T-Shirts.] It was a fantastic time and the Crokinole we played this month made memories for a lifetime.

Andy Norton

I’d thought about getting a Crokinole board a few times in the past but never pulled the trigger. Circled back recently and finally decided to do it. After doing some research online, it became clear that Tracey Boards was the way to go. The board showed up quickly, well packaged, and I was very impressed by the quality. Love the board!

Have been getting a lot of play on it with the wife and some friends. Two of them have already decided that they need a board too, so Tracey Boards will probably be getting a couple more orders sometime soon.

Rob Lambeth

Cherry leaf crokinole board with gold lines

My Crokinole board from Jeremy can best be described in one word, “awesome!!!”

One week after I ordered the board it found its way from Canada to my home in Germany – really extremely fast. I have a lot of fun playing on this board and showing my friends Crokinole.

Thank you for this great piece of magnificent wood.

Philipp Weber

Crokinole player looks questioningly at the crokinole buttons stacked on top of one another while playing 5-hole crokinole

I have been playing the greatest game on earth for almost two years now. It is so awesome that I have bought 3 boards now for myself, including the 5 hole version. I have also purchased 2 for family.

We are having so much fun with the new 5 hole version. It adds a whole new perspective. Thanks, Jeremy, for your consistent great craftsmanship.

Diane Adams

Crokinole checks every box for a great game. The more you play, the more fun it gets. The TRACEY BOARD is so nice, you sit down and it inspires you to play!

Richard Kegler

Purple and green crokinole buttons on a traditional Tracey crokinole board

I wanted my first crokinole board to be the best playing experience possible, so that family and friends would be likely to come back to the game after their first impression. I can confidently say that in the month since my Tracey board has arrived, it has lived up to that and then some. I personally manufacture equipment for another dexterity game (table soccer/subbuteo) and I am absolutely blown away by the quality and craftsmanship that has gone into these boards. My expectations were pretty high for this product after reading reviews and I just can’t describe how nice the surface and overall build is without having someone feel it for themselves. The only thing that comes close to this experience for me is the wood on some guitars that are far out of my wallet’s range.

The robust thwack of discs colliding with the outer rail is absolute music to my ears, and the rubber pegs effortlessly fling discs about like they’re electrically powered. I didn’t end up liking the playing wax experience and this board was still letting my discs glide effortlessly without the powdered enhancement. It is such a versatile, no-nonsense, premium piece of equipment, and the only downside is that I have to wax it more than usual because I constantly catch myself running my hands over the surface.

Mike Sgro

White and Blue buttons on a red Tracey board with a dark grey background

Have you ever played a game that frustrated you so much you want to curse and scream and yell? But you realize that what you were doing was actually falling in love with that game? That game for me was Crokinole. I thought I hated it because it seemed so easy and yet I was having the hardest time figuring it out. But after I got to play it for the first time in December of 2021, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I researched it constantly on YouTube more than I care to admit.

But through all the video watching, there was one constant thing that kept coming up. Tracey Crokinole Boards were the best you could get! I began saving up a few dollars and last week I had my beautiful Tracey Board delivered. I’ve only had this in my house for about 10 days now, but we have played it every single day for at least 2 hours a day. There’s no question about it…..I love Crokinole and I love my Tracey Crokinole Board.

Greg Hodur

Greyrock Tracey board with the Quackalope Games logo printed on the top

Crokinole has always been a game I’ve desired to learn and enjoy, but these recent months, and especially my time with such an outstanding board like the one made by Jeremy Tracey and his family, have proven how accessible and addicting the game really is. It’ll be a lifelong staple in our collection and a go-to for game night!

Jesse Anderson

Red Tracey board with black and red custom made buttons which have fish painted on top of them

Love, love, love our Tracey Crokinole Board. A beautiful well made board! We play every day, and enjoy how it can be anybody’s game – at any time! You are always one button away from glory or shame (stupid bumpers)!

Love the game, love the board!

Thomas Fish

Black Tracey board hung above wooden desk

Bought a black board for our family with a hope that it might offer a bit of fun during the holidays. Wow! It was a total hit and yes, so addicting! Then our teens and college students invited their friends and it was a party. The board is so well crafted and the game itself is both simple to pickup and challenging enough to keep you coming back. AND on the rare times when not in play, it makes for an interesting and fun wall decoration. I highly recommend!

DeDe Duncan-Probe

A friend recently introduced me to Crokinole, and I was instantly obsessed. The game is easy to learn and you can play a game in 5 minutes or less, which is perfect for my family. Low barrier to entry, and high skill cap means anyone can get into it, but you won’t quickly get bored as you improve your skills. While you can play a game in 5 minutes, it’s not uncommon to sit down to play and not realize hours have gone by. Any game that can draw me in like that is definitely worth playing!

Kevin Day

A greyrock Tracey crokinole board set and carry bag being unwrapped for the first time

I am shocked by the professionalism of this company. I splurged on this purchase and every penny was worth it. Went for the Grey Rock board. This board is a craftsman’s work of art. I thought the wall mount was a bit much in cost, but it is excellent. I called on Christmas day and Jeremy answered right away. I was skeptical about ordering from outside the country. However, I made the purchase after talking with Jeremy and it arrived in Colorado on New Year’s Eve! The initial estimated delivery was for Jan 10th. Crazy. Just in time for some snowy weather. I purchased a carrying case separately on Amazon that gives me peace of mind. I will spare you the photo of me kissing the board

You will not be disappointed if you make the jump for this beautiful board. Thank you guys.

Andrew Bruggeman (Ambassador of This Great Game)

Holger Schulz and friends waxing a greyrock Tracey crokinole board

First time I heard about Crokinole was about a year ago. Love at first sight. I mean, really big scale: Same day, I immediately started to tune in to “Crokinole Centre”, found myself watching every single bit they´d put out. Eventually stumbled on Jeremy Tracey´s channel, the team´s craft and, above all, his thoughts on the game, which got me hooked even more.

After some months, me and my fellow bunch of the “Cologne Crokinoleers” (see picture) just wanted to play on one of Master Jeremy´s boards so bad, at all costs. Touching the finish on its polish; enjoying the wood´s fine aroma, playing on the real McCoy. The kind the big guys would gather around at the world championship. It may sound a little awkward to people who´ve never played Crokinole in their lives, but it´s really true: Playing on a Tracey board can actually give you the same satisfying experience and sensation one could ever ask for, same like in e.g. playing on a Gibson Les Paul guitar. Or riding a slick breezer in the sun set. Just great! Makes you happy.

As to the shipping, the great “Grey Rock” has arrived in less than a week (i.e. from Canada to Cologne/Germany, a few days before X-mas, but Jeremy and his team made it possible – I´ve even got sent an extra-potion of wax with it. Thx, guys!). All products exceeded our expectations. 11/10.

Great work! Keep it up, Godspeed and Merry Christmas to all in the Tracey family and team, and to all our fellow Crokinole lovers out there! Let´s have a great “hanger 20” into 2022! Cheers from Cologne! We´re gonna stay tuned!

Holger Schulz

Custom Red Tracey Crokinole Board with the Leaning Pines logo on the playing surface

Less than a week ago I received my latest purchase, my third Tracey Board. I own a tournament board, I purchased a personalized one for the pub I frequent, Hailey’s Harp & Pub in Metuchen, NJ, and the owner features it on Game Night Thursdays. After I saw how fantastic that board came out, I decided to get this one made for myself. Now my first one is packed away and ready for travel so my Leaning Pines can stay home.

I would not have invested in the other two boards had I not been so pleased with the outstanding quality of my original one, and working with Jeremy is a pleasure; whether or not you’re getting a custom design, the communication is top-notch.

The more I play and the more I bring crokinole into conversations, I can only hope others’ interest will be enough to invest in the game and Tracy Boards is who I would recommend.

You get what you pay for, and I got gold!

Brian Sigley

Black Tracey board hung up on the wall between pictures and lights

I used to play crokinole a lot in the 70’s at a friend’s house back east. It was a simple, homemade board. I haven’t seen a crokinole board since. Recently (40 years later) I saw the “Shut Up and Sit Down” video… I was amazed to see they actually are a thing! After a bit of research, it did not take long before I ordered a Tracey board. I am very impressed with the care Tracey Boards take in shipping. It made it to California in pristine condition. This board plays fantastic and looks awesome in a prominent place in our house.

Michael Musial

Amazing game and amazing board. The game has been a hit with everyone I’ve shown it to and I’m doubtful that will change. The playing surface is smooth and I have zero complaints on quality. I haven’t played on a different board, so I can’t say if it’s better or worse than competitors, but everything about the board feels quality.

I also got the 20s holders which are nice to have. An unexpected benefit of the holders is now my group shouts “Tuber!” anytime someone sinks a 20 because they get to dunk their button into the tube.

Shipping Addendum: Surprisingly fast shipping (only took ~1 week for the board to go from ordered -> arrived) which was awesome. There were zero signs of damage to the board from shipping.

I would highly recommend a Tracy board to anyone interested in buying a Crokinole board.

Nate Koeppe

A family crokinole night on their new black Tracey Board

My spouse gives me a hard time because I go all or nothing. Being from the States, I had not heard of Crokinole until I stumbled upon a review of the game by Shut Up And Sit Down. I was instantly hooked. Looked around at different options, and glad I went with a Tracey board. Top-notch craftsmanship and top-notch customer service. Got it shipped south of the border pretty quickly.

Oddly enough, the day after I bought my board, my neighbor asked me out of the blue if I’ve ever played Crokinole. Fate? I don’t know. But I can tell you when he eventually sat down to play with me his eyebrows immediately went up when he said my board was much nicer than either of his 2 boards. The quality of the Tracey board makes it so much fun because the buttons slide so consistently. It also feels good to support a company who is passionate about the game. You can find interesting content/tips updated on YouTube. Helped me understand why the shaker of garlic salt had no flavor.

I’ve played with several different groups now. Some people like it, and some people absolutely love it. But I haven’t played with anyone who found it boring. The rules are simple to explain and the action is quick. My spouse is in the “like it” category and she isn’t giving me any flack for splurging for a nice board.

Joey Davenport

Black Tracey crokinole board and 20 holders at a brewery

As someone who was crokinole curious for quite some time—having consumed quite a bit of Crokinole Centre video content—I was quite familiar with Tracey boards. Having played for a little while on a small, slow ****** board I got from Amazon, I always knew the game could be so much more and I knew I would inevitably save up the scratch to purchase the real deal.

From the moment I unboxed this board, it did not disappoint; the quality hits you in the face from the get-go. It isn’t overstated, but it refuses to be ignored. The moment you flick a button across the surface of this board, you will know where your money—well spent money—went. In the era of cheaply, quickly produced products, it is really wonderful to lay hands on something that was crafted with love, care, and skill.

I lugged the beast out to a local brewery for some games with a friend. We had at least 10 people stop by and ask what it was we were playing. A couple even stayed to watch an entire round. It is a captivating game that needs more play and exposure here in the United States. I have no doubt it will gain steam as the years go on. I also have no doubt that if you choose a Tracey board, you will be 100% satisfied with your decision.

Warren Blossom

Older version of the crokinole connections map in blue

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