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Crokinole Connections Map

Welcome to the Crokinole Connections Map!

Click the image below to open the map, then zoom in on your area or on the area you are about to travel to.

Crokinole Connections Map - Map - Tracey Boards.psd

On this map you will find individual crokinole players, Crokinole Clubs & businesses that have crokinole boards available. Places like pubs, cafés and restaurants.

Everyone listed on this map has ASKED to be added and WANTS to connect with players like you 😊

If you would like to be added to this crokinole connections map please click the link below that best describes you.

Individual Crokinole Players Click Here

IMPORTANT NOTE: This map does NOT list specific addresses, that would be creepy. Instead, it will show the general area like the town or the section of a city where that player is.

Crokinole Clubs Click Here!

Board Game Cafes, Pubs, etc. Click Here!

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Connect with Other Crokinole Players

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