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About Tracey Boards

Family-owned & operated just down the road from where the game of Crokinole was born, Tracey Tour Crokinole Boards are designed and built for one purpose:


To help you find pure enjoyment in the greatest game on earth.

What Makes Tracey Boards Different?

Tracey Boards are hand-crafted by world-class Canadian Crokinole players who love helping others find joy and excitement in the game.

Starting with premium, long-lasting materials, every board is hand-built to meet the standards of the National Crokinole Association. Every cut, sand, finish, and line goes under strict inspection before it leaves our floor. If it’s not a board the best players in the world would choose to play on, it doesn’t get shipped. That has always been our policy, and it always will be.

From the Canadian Maple playing surface to the crisp, silk-screened lines, we’re passionate about building you a beautiful crokinole board you’ll be proud to pass on to your kids and grandkids. Yes, it will be built to last that long. But even more so, your Crokinole board will create a fun, fast-paced experience that will provide laughs and memories for years to come.

Jeremy Tracey and Nolan Tracey working together on a crokinole board

The Official Board Builder of the World Crokinole Championship

When the greatest Crokinole players gather every June in Tavistock, Ontario, we’re honored that players will use and trust our boards to determine a champion. ​Click here​ to learn more about the ​World Crokinole Championship​.

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Reid Tracey & Nolan Tracey playing at the World Crokinole Championships in Tavistock Ontario June 2019 against the 7-time world champions Ray Beierling & Jason Beierling.

jeremy tracey and brian cook representing canada at the world cup of crokinole image tracey boards

Jeremy Tracey & Brian Cook represent Canada playing against Christian Mothe & Norbert Mothe of France at The World Cup of Crokinole in Budapest Hungary in 2019.

Trained by “The Wood Wizard”

For 30 years Willard “The Wood Wizard” Martin made what many consider to be some of the best Crokinole boards in the world. Downstairs in his basement shop is where Willard trained Jeremy — our owner & founder — on how to build world-class Crokinole boards. And in 2018, the torch of the Willard Pro Board was passed on to become the Tracey Tour Board.

Every board we make and ship has Willard’s fingerprints on it. So when it’s your turn, remember you’re a part of the great legacy that Willard passed down to us.

“The Tracey Tour Board is every bit as good, if not better than the Willard Pro”

– Willard Martin

Crokinole board builders Willard Martin and Jeremy Tracey at the Ontario singles crokinole championships in Elmira Ontario

Jeremy Tracey with Willard Martin

About the Traceys

The Tracey’s love for Crokinole can be traced back to when Jeremy was introduced to the game at just 19 months old by his Grampie Reid.

Today, Jeremy, Elaine and all three of their sons (Reid, Garret & Nolan) are very involved in the Tracey Boards business. Whether they’re helping to finish boards, posting to social media or competing at The World Crokinole Championship, their love and respect for the game is second to none.

Jeremy Tracey

Jeremy Tracey shoots for a takeout 20 at the world crokinole championships

Jeremy finished the 2022/23 season ranked 6th in the National Crokinole Association (NCA) standings. He also placed second in doubles at the World Crokinole Championship on June 3, 2023.

Jeremy at age 7 getting his first crokinole board for Christmas He has been playing crokinole for as long as he can remember. His Grandfather on his mother’s side, ‘Grampie Reid‘ introduced him to the game. He immediately fell in love with the competition and fun.

Jeremy’s style of play can be described as ‘enthusiastic or optimistic.‘ He loves to go for the ‘Big Shot‘. It is his love of playing on the highest quality boards that led him into handcrafting boards and launching ‘The Tracey Board’ line.

He is extremely grateful for the opportunity to be mentored by one of the absolute best crokinole board builders in the world. Jeremy takes pride in creating the best looking and playing board that you can find. He also takes a ton of pride in training and mentoring his sons in the craft. The opportunity to work with his family everyday is a true blessing.

The Tracey family’s commitment to excellence stems from a high level of respect for their customers as well as for their board building mentor.

Elaine Tracey

Elaine is the ultimate ‘Momma Bear’ of the Tracey family keeping the rest of the family in line. She has an extremely high standard for excellence in craftsmanship and helps with the quality control, button sorting, bookkeeping and so much more behind the scenes that keeps all the trains running on time.

Reid Tracey

The oldest of the Tracey brothers, Reid has stepped up as shop manager. From banding, sanding, to finishing touches, if its anything to do with board building, Reid has an eye on it.

Reid is also a major competitor on the crokinole scene, making it to semi finals at multiple competitive tournaments and placing 2nd with Nolan in the 2019 World Crokinole Doubles division. Most recently, Reid placed 3rd in the World Crokinole Doubles division alongside Nolan and made it to top 16 for Competitive Singles.

Garret Tracey

Garret is the man behind everything you see on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and all our social media platforms. Bringing a creative touch from his theatre days in high school, Garret keeps busy brainstorming, designing, and filming new content to give to the Crokinole community.

While he currently doesn’t have any outstanding Crokinole claims to his name, Garret is looking to become more competitive over the 23-24 NCA season – look out! When he’s not working the Tracey Boards socials, Garret mostly keeps busy with his training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Nolan Tracey

Nolan was the first of the three Tracey brothers to start helping out at the shop. He has since switched over to more administrative tasks such as handling packaging, shipping and if you’ve ever emailed us, you’ve probably chatted with him.

Nolan’s had great success in competitive Crokinole ever since he was 15, being the youngest ever to place in the top 4 at an NCA singles tournament. He also placed second alongside Reid in the doubles division at the World Crokinole Championship, and regularly lands himself in the A pool at Crokinole tournaments.

Official World Championship Builders

Used & trusted to determine the World Champion.

Hand-Crafted by Players, For Players

The Traceys are high-level NCA competitors.

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