5-Hole Tracey Tour Crokinole Board

Looking for a super fun variation to the greatest game on earth? Look no further!

What are the extra holes for? They count as negative 10 points so if you are a super competitive (spiteful, vicious, ruthless) player then rather than knock your opponent’s piece off the board into the gutter where it is simply worth zero points you knock their piece into the negative 10 holes.

Just like the center hole, the piece is removed and set aside to be counted at the end of the round. You will be amazed at how much chaos (and trash talk) this leads to around the crokinole board.

Premium Board Construction

Canadian Maple Veneer
Crafted with a CNC-milled Canadian Maple veneer, ensuring a smooth and consistent playing surface.

Multiple Layers of Sanding and Lacquering
The playing surface undergoes meticulous sanding and is finished with multiple layers of lacquer, resulting in a sleek and high-quality board.

High-Reflex Posts
Features high-reflex posts that add an extra level of challenge for experienced players, enhancing the game’s excitement.

Solid Brass Pegs with Rubber Sleeves
Equipped with solid brass pegs, each fitted with rubber sleeves, adding energy and thrill to ricochet shots and bounce-backs.

Crisp Silk-Screened Playing Lines
Playing lines are silk-screened onto the surface with precision, ensuring accuracy and clarity during gameplay.

Rubber Feet for Stability
Designed with rubber feet on the underside to provide stability during play and protect any surface it’s placed on.

Unparalleled Quality

Handcrafted with Precision
Each board is meticulously handcrafted to meet the exacting standards of the National Crokinole Association, ensuring top-notch quality.

Built to Last Generations
Constructed from premium, long-lasting materials, guaranteeing that the board will be enjoyed by generations to come.

Trained by “The Wood Wizard”
Jeremy Tracey, the founder, received training from the renowned Willard “The Wood Wizard” Martin, ensuring the legacy of world-class Crokinole board craftsmanship.

Official Board Builder of the World Crokinole Championship
The Red Tracey Tour Board is the chosen board for the World Crokinole Championship, a testament to its superior quality and performance.

Passion-Driven Craftsmanship
Each board is crafted by passionate Canadian Crokinole players who take pride in delivering exceptional playing experiences.

Uncompromising Quality Assurance
Every cut, sand, finish, and line undergoes rigorous inspection before leaving the workshop, ensuring that only the highest-quality boards are shipped.


Choose Your Package and Dive into Crokinole Fun!

Get ready for hours of fun, excitement, and friendly competition. Explore our package options and find the perfect fit for your game nights.

Basic Package

Kickstart your Crokinole journey with our Basic Package, equipped with the essentials to get you flicking and having fun.

$445 CAD

Bundle Includes:

  • 5-Hole Crokinole Board
  • 2 Sets of Crokinole Buttons
  • 1 Button Baggie
  • 70g of Playing Wax
  • Official Rule Book


Recommended Package

Upgrade your game nights with the Recommended Package, including extra accessories for added excitement.

$493 CAD

Bundle Includes:

  • 5-Hole Crokinole Board
  • 4 Sets of Crokinole Buttons
  • 1 Button Baggie
  • 70g of Playing Wax
  • Official Rule Book
  • 1 Set of 20 Holders
  • FREE 140g Playing Wax


Ultimate Package

Experience Crokinole at its finest with our Ultimate Package, loaded with a ton of accessories for the ultimate gaming session.

$728 CAD

Bundle Includes:

  • 5-Hole Crokinole Board
  • 8 Sets of Crokinole Buttons
  • 2 Button Baggies
  • 70g of Playing Wax
  • Official Rule Book
  • 1 Set of 20 Holders
  • FREE 140g Playing Wax
  • Board Wall Mount
  • Carry Bag
  • 4 8-Button Trays
  • FREE Scorekeeper

Official World Championship Builders

Used & trusted to determine the World Champion.

Hand-Crafted by Players, For Players

The Traceys are high-level NCA competitors.

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Crokinole Accessories

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Black Crokinole Board

Black Crokinole Board

Black Crokinole Board

Red Crokinole Board

Black Crokinole Board

5-Hole Crokinole Board

Grey Rock Crokinole Board

Grey Rock Crokinole Board

Traditional Crokinole Board

Traditional Crokinole Board

Crokinole Board Wall Mount

Crokinole 20 Holder

Crokinole Scorekeeper

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Crokinole Replacement Pegs

Crokinole Board Dust Cover

Crokinole Buttons

Crokinole Playing Wax

Crokinole Imperium Card Game

Tracey Boards T-Shirt

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Crokinole 8-Button Tray

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