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Elmira, Ontario, N3B 1Z9

Phone: 519-998-0988

* Note: We are in the Reger Holdings Building, NOT in the Walco building.

Official World Championship Builders

Used & trusted to determine the World Champion.

Hand-Crafted by Players, For Players

The Traceys are high-level NCA competitors.

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GENUINE Tracey Tour Boards

Used and Trusted at the World Crokinole Championship!

Crokinole Accessories

Elevate your game and add even more fun!

Black Crokinole Board

Black Crokinole Board

Black Crokinole Board

Red Crokinole Board

Black Crokinole Board

5-Hole Crokinole Board

Grey Rock Crokinole Board

Grey Rock Crokinole Board

Traditional Crokinole Board

Traditional Crokinole Board

Crokinole Board Wall Mount

Crokinole 20 Holder

Crokinole Scorekeeper

Crokinole Cards

Crokinole Replacement Pegs

Crokinole Board Dust Cover

Crokinole Buttons

Crokinole Playing Wax

Crokinole Imperium Card Game

Tracey Boards T-Shirt

Crokinole Carrying Bag

Crokinole 8-Button Tray

Crokinole Buttons Bag

Crokinole Gripper

Tracey Boards Baseball Cap