Crokinole Skills Tip - All In


Jeremy Tracey here of Tracey Crokinole Boards, with yet another skills challenge for you to challenge yourself, to frustrate yourself on your Crokinole board, to help bridge that gap between when you have opponents to play against.

Drill Demo

Title: The All in Drill – Tougher Than It Looks

This drill, just like what my shirt says, “Tougher than it looks,” is tougher than it looks. So, we are trying to get a little cleverer with the names. This one, we are going to call the “All in Drill.” You are taking the eight opponents’ buttons and setting them all inside of the pegs. We are not measuring, we are not getting super precise, but basically straight between the peg and the centre hole, touching the pegs all the way around.

That is your starting point. Just like the other drills, if you have not seen them (links below), we are going to shoot our eight buttons with the attempt to knock these off and score the highest possible points.

After I do this a couple of times, you will have the opportunity to see some other players, both Lydia and Mackenzie, tackle this fun drill, learn some different strategies, see what works, see what does not. Then, you get to take it on, maybe practice it a couple of dozen times before challenging a friend so you feel more confident in your ability to whoop them.

Just like with all the drills, you can do this in any order you want. You can either focus on getting multiple buttons off with one shot or be going for 20s, or both. This one is super chaotic because everything is so jammed up inside. You have no idea what is going to kick in what direction. You really want yours to go in the centre and not the yellow or whatever colour you put it there.

I am going to start going for my first one. I am going to try for a double. I want to take this one, have that one drive through there, and hopefully, this one will go that way. With any luck, I am going to have the second one that I contact touch this one. Probably not going to go off, but at least to get it off that peg to set me up for a better future situation.

This could be one of those situations where my eyes are bigger than my belly because I have no idea. I know I am being greedy with what I am trying to get out of the shot, but that’s just kind of how I play. Look at that; maybe I was not being greedy.

That was more what I expected from this drill, in that it did not go as well as I had hoped. Now here, I am going to try to drive straight through Hogan’s Alley. Probably not going to; might get a double, I do not know. Probably, the first two are most likely to go off.

Oh, my predictions are way off today. Now, a very basic ricochet. The nice thing I like about this is that I also have the possibility of this one helping me out. If my angle is a little bit off, my button could touch that and end up in the centre, and I would be quite happy with that.

Back to a little better prediction. There is a 20 for me.

So, a couple of things here. Like I say, the great thing about these drills is that it sets up different things. Suddenly, we were primarily focused here. But on my last shot, I needed to do a hit and stick on the far side of the board, which is a skill in and of itself.

Now here is a situation where I feel like a lot of people would just try to get that straight-open 20, not even touch that other one. What I am going to do is very lightly try to touch my button that is already in there. Obviously, I do not want to hit it hard and knock it down into the 10, but I am okay with moving it away.

Oh, did I ever mess that up? I guess I should have just gone for the open 20. But sometimes one nearby can really be your friend if you do not overhit it, like I just did. Came up short on that. This is touching the line, so it comes down; it is a 10. That is a 10.

I have got two 20s over here, so I have got 40, 55, 65, 75, 85, 90, 95. I do not know if I want to redo this drill, Mackenzie, because I am not sure I can do any better than that. Just to keep with the theme of the way we have been doing these videos, I am going to do another one without talking and see if I can better that score.

I hope that gives you the gist of it. I am going to quickly set this up.
See if I can duplicate that amazing, fortunate shot I pulled off last time.
So close.

Ah, completely different this time. Like I say, every time you do this drill, it is going to work out differently. This was way different than last time. I still ended up with black buttons on the board. So, we are going to start by cancelling those out. This is touching the line, so it is a 10. When keeping score, I encourage you to start with that. Anything that is touching the line, you move it to the right point, root point region that it belongs in. Then cancel points.

So, I am going to take one of my 15s and use that to cancel the 5 and the 10. Now what is left on the board is my score. I have got a 20 here, 30, 40, 50, 60, 75. Not as good as last time, but honestly, for how challenging this drill can be, still very happy with that score.

Drill Benefits

I am sure if I do it again, I could end up with a minus or a super low score. It is hard to say how this is going to go, but what I love about it is the variables that, just the absolute chaos. It forces you into situations where you are going through your own, you are doing doubles, you are going for bounce-backs.

You see my second shot there; I did a double bounce-back. I hit my own into the black and kicked it back into the 20. It just opens the creativity to see what you can make happen on that Crokinole board that is going to spill over into every match you play in the future. It is just going to allow you to see different creative opportunities to make fun highlight reel shots.


Jeremy is playing crokinole on a black Tracey Board with yellow buttons on camera for a video


So, I really hope you enjoyed seeing a couple of guest flickers here on the board doing this fun drill. Now, if you watch closely while Lydia was playing, there is something she does extremely well, and I hope you noticed that she is completely fearless when it comes to shooting through her own to hit her own into an opponent’s button. No hesitation; she just lines up and takes the shot. You see how incredibly well it worked out for her. Maybe there is a takeaway there for you. I guess my wish for you is that you have happy and fearless flicking while you are playing the greatest game on earth.

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