Crokinole Skills Tip - The Far Side


If you have been following along with our channel, then you will remember a few weeks ago we did a fun challenge called the eight-point star in Crokinole. We even had one subscriber go so far as to say that this drill is addictive, and I could not agree more.

If you have really been following along with this channel or checking out our old content, it feels like an eternity ago we did a drill called the outside-in. Both drills were something that you can set up and do by yourself, challenge yourself, you can also sit across the table from a friend, take turns, and challenge them. It is even something that you can do at a distance.

It is something that can be a lot of fun to challenge yourself with. So, today I would like to introduce you to one that is super challenging, super chaotic, and let us look. You can tackle this and see how it goes for you.


Just like with the last two challenge drills that we put out there, this one, you are going to start with eight of your imaginary opponent’s buttons already on the board. You get to shoot eight of your buttons, and the goal is to get the highest score you possibly can. Just like in regular Crokinole, the objective is to knock your opponents off the board and get yours into the highest point regions, ideally all the way into the centre.

At the end, when you have shot all eight, if there are any opponent’s buttons remaining on the board, they get subtracted from your score. But on the other end of that spectrum, if you can successfully knock all their buttons off and still have one or two or three of your shooters left, you are then allowed to shoot at an open 20 to pad your score even more.

The one we are going to tackle today, the challenge and the skill for this week, this drill, we call it the far side drill. Because as you can see, you take your eight imaginary opponent’s buttons and place them on the far side of each of the eight pegs. Just like the other drills, we are going to fire eight of our buttons to get the best score we possibly can.

No rules as to which order you go after them in. I am going to talk through my thinking and my strategy here on this one, and then probably afterward, I will do it again without talking so I can focus and maybe try to beat my first score.

The other thing that we have going on in this week’s video is, after I have done it, you are going to get to watch not one but two other people take on this challenge. One, someone you are familiar with, Mac, our tech guy.

But we also have in the studio today an exciting special guest by the name of Lydia. Lydia is probably going to step in here and school us all. Let us see how it goes.

Now, for this one, what I am going to do is I am going to attempt the ricochet 20 off this one here on the near side. Hopefully, I get that button off, but my focus is dropping that 20

Jeremy playing crokinole on a black Tracey Board on camera for a video


I got the off, I did not get the 20. Now I am going to try to take these two out, and quite honestly, I am hoping that somewhere during this chaos, my shooter hits the one that is already there because right now it is not really my friend for dropping a 20.

Got some shifty buttons going on there. See what I talk about with this drill? It sets up differently every time, and you can see that I am already getting myself in an interesting situation here of what am I going to go after and not end up knocking my own off.

Okay, that is good. I moved that one out of the way. Now I am hoping to remove this one and maybe bump that one of mine further in. We will see what happens here.
Okay, my challenge is that I am getting this guy buried so bad. I am not sure how I am going to get him out of there without sacrificing one of my own. You know what?

That is exactly what I am going to do right now. I am going to sacrifice one of my own. I am going to try to drive this into those two and see if I can get some yellow out of there, hopefully lose more yellow off the board than black.

That was an epic failure because, uh, yeah, two black go off, one yellow. Do not laugh at me, you two.

All right, so now my last shot. Like I say, every time you do this, there’s different challenges. This time, the challenge is going to be to get through my own two here and hit and stick. So, a bit of a narrow path, but I think it is going to go all right.

So, adding up the points, I have 3 15, so that is 45, 55, 60 points on the board. Not terrible. That is actually pretty good given this challenge. So, what we are going to do is I will quickly set it up again.
So, I have got this set up again. This time I am just going to play. I am going to try to keep my mouth shut. It does not come all that naturally to me. But the other thing I just like to say, I do not get too uptight about these things.

The buttons being set perfectly behind the post, just roughly. You want to have them straight on the far side of the post and set up and get back to the fun of flicking.

60 was my score the first time. Now I am going to really concentrate and see if I can improve All right, so like I always do, anything that is touching a line, I move it back. So that is there. I have 120 that I was able to sink. So, 20, 30, 40, 50, 65, and 70.

So I did, in fact, beat my score from the first time around, which always feels good. And that is the great thing about this drill. And, as you will see, that time when I played through that, completely different challenges set up for me. There were a couple of times that I did not have to, but I chose to shoot through my own to do that ricochet through my own button. Very stressful. Not very stressful. But the nice thing about this is, you just play against yourself.

There is no game on the line. So, it is an opportunity to just experiment and play and challenge yourself to do different things that you may not feel brave enough to do in a match against an opponent that you really do not want to lose.

Now, what I would do if I did not need to step aside and let somebody else try this, what I do is I just keep challenging myself to try to beat that score and beat that score, see how strong a score I could get. But I am going to step out of here, give this seat up, and let both Mackenzie and Lydia show you just, you know, you are going to get to see two different people play it, maybe different strategies, different outcomes, some different stuff comes up.

And yeah, please comment down below and tell us what you thought of this drill, as well as what is the best score, you can get. And most importantly, who are you going to challenge on this far side drill?

Mack Drilling

So, 10 points. 10 points. Much better than a negative, better than last time. Much better.
So, one of the other things that I did not even realize, but a skill that you get to work on with this is, you see that both shots, when you took the buttons that were on the far side, like the furthest away from you, it is easier to shoot those hard, but there is no chance of keeping your button on when you do. Right?

So, to work to like if you can get to a place where you can hit, keep those on. If you can hit and stick on those, that is a great skill to have. So, yeah, so that is tough to hit and stick. Yep. Oh, super tough. Yeah.
So, what are your overall impressions of the drill?
Honestly, it makes you think because, like I said before, if you are not thinking about keeping your shooter on, you just focus on how can I get that off? How can I get that off? So very good for that.


All right. Really hope you enjoyed seeing that challenge in action. I think what you probably noticed is that when different people play a few rounds, all kinds of different scenarios set up, and it gives you the opportunity to work on all sorts of different skill sets like hit and stick, like the double takeouts, going through your own, all those different things. And now I think the question that is probably burning in your mind, and we might be able to answer is how well do these scores that you can see translate into actual Crokinole?

So, I think we need to get some matches on record, and as Mackenzie likes to call her Lydia, see how her scores match up in real Crokinole against both Mackenzie and myself. So, stay tuned for that. Make it a great day, and as always, enjoy playing the greatest game on earth.


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