The Fascinating Story of the Crokinole Board Game

Dec 8, 2023 | 0 comments

Originating in Ontario, the Crokinole board game has found its way into the hearts of people all around the globe. But have you ever wondered where it all began, and how this seemingly simple pastime turned into a worldwide sensation? Well, hold on to your game pieces, because we’re about to explore the fascinating story behind the Crokinole board game!

Birth in Rural Ontario

Crokinole’s roots take us back to rural Ontario in the 19th century. This delightful game emerged as a creative solution to the long, harsh winters that often isolated families and friends in their homes. To stave off cabin fever, the locals yearned for entertainment, and Crokinole was born out of this collective desire.

The origin of the game’s name remains a subject of debate, but many believe it to be derived from the French word ‘croquignole,’ which originally referred to a small biscuit or pastry. Others suggest it may have been a term used to describe a gentle flick on the nose, which hints at the game’s flicking action.

crokinole board game

In its early days, Crokinole was more than just a game; it was a social event. Families and friends would gather around the iconic round wooden board. The game not only provided entertainment but also catalyzed the building of stronger bonds within the community. 

The rules were simple: players or teams took turns flicking small wooden discs from the outer edges (shooting line) of the board, aiming to land them in the central hole or get as close as possible. A strategic blend of accuracy and strategy was required to beat opponents. This combination ensured that each match was a unique and engaging experience.

The Crokinole Boom

The appeal of Crokinole extended beyond Canada’s borders. By the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Crokinole boards began making appearances in American households as well. Manufacturers recognized the game’s potential and started producing Crokinole boards in large numbers. The game was truly on the brink of becoming a sensation.

Crokinole Board Game: World Championships and Recognition

However, Crokinole became more than just a game for family and friends. It soon found its place on the competitive stage. In 1999, the small town of Tavistock, Ontario, made history by hosting the inaugural World Crokinole Championship. This annual event brought together enthusiasts and professionals from around the world, adding significant credibility to the crokinole board game as a competitive sport. The championship, which continues to this day, has played a pivotal role in popularizing Crokinole beyond North America.

Crokinole’s Global Appeal

So, how did a game from a small corner of Ontario manage to capture the hearts of people worldwide? The answer lies in Crokinole’s universal appeal. Its rules are easy to grasp, making it accessible to players of all ages. Beyond that, Crokinole transcends language and cultural barriers. Regardless of whether you’re in Asia, Europe, Africa, or anywhere else on the planet, the joy of flicking wooden discs across a board is a language everyone understands. Today, Crokinole clubs and dedicated enthusiasts can be found in numerous countries, including Japan, Germany, South Africa, and beyond.


From its humble origins in Ontario to its global acclaim, Crokinole’s journey is nothing short of remarkable. It is a reminder that sometimes, the simplest things hold the most profound appeal. As the game continues to enchant players worldwide, its legacy, rooted in the heart of Canada, remains stronger than ever. And for those looking to embark on their own Crokinole adventures, check out Tracey Boards. Our Crokinole boards are meticulously crafted to ensure you experience the game’s magic in its purest form. Shop with us today.

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